By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

AN INTREPID photographer who previously documented Cardiff's no-holds-barred nightlife has turned his attentions to the nocturnal hustle-and-bustle of Bangkok

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Revellers soak up the atmosphere near Bangkok's Khao San Road - a spot popular with western tourists

Every year tourists from around the world flock to the Thai capital - a city notorious for its hedonistic vibrancy, making it a paradise for holidaymakers who prefer to come out at night.

With a beer bottle in one hand and a camera in the other, photographer Maciej Dakowicz captured the highs and lows of revellers in Bangkok's 'backpacker ghetto'.

It's all too much for one man, who is is either too tired to carry on, or is hanging his head in shame

Maciej stayed in a hotel in the Khao San Road area, close to the city's Royal Palace, which has been a popular spot for tourists for several years.

And the snapper couldn't resist capturing images of the nightlife on his doorstep.

A man enjoys a casual ride around town among the bright lights and buzzing atmosphere

A deflated-looking 'laughing gas' salesman holds up a sign to entice passing partygoers, while lines of people sit down for a massage just a stone's throw away from the nearest bars.

The relentless pace of a Bangkok night out is clearly too much for some punters - with one man appearing to be fast asleep on the pavement, while another is passed-out at his table.

Stern-looking street-food sellers take a break during a busy night

Polish photographer Maciej, who recently moved to Bangkok from Mumbai, said: "When visiting Bangkok I always stay in the Khao San Road area, called by some 'the centre of the backpacking universe' and the 'backpacker ghetto.'

"The area is the place where traditionally backpackers stayed in Bangkok for many years and it is located not far from the Royal Palace and other main tourist attractions.

Young people appear to pose for a photograph as Maciej takes a sneaky shot from the side

"There are many bars and restaurants, lots of souvenir shops and travel agents. 

"There is always something to do if you are a tourist. My hotel was there and all this action was at my doorstep.

"During the day the place feels sleepy but after night the street turns into a night market and bars spill tables onto the pavement.

Three women appear to be sharing an enormous drink in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok

"The place gets really crowded on weekend nights as young Thais join the crowd."

Despite some of the indulgence and debauchery depicted in Maciej's photos, the photographer says the area is innocent compared to other places in Bangkok.

This is Maciej's favourite shot in his collection - showing a man who conveniently passed out when it was time to pay the bill

The Patpong and Nana areas are famous for their go-go bars and sex shows, which help give the city its seedy reputation.

As he weaved his way in and out of the lanes around Khao San Road, Maciej was barely noticed as he captured the thrill-seekers at play.

A 'laughing gas' salesman tries to sell his product among the neon lights of Bangkok

Maciej, who took the photos on visits between 2012 and 2015, said: "My favourite photo is that of a young couple at a restaurant table.

Two women relax after what has most likely been a very long night

"The man looks like he has just passed out and there is a bill on the table - maybe he fainted seeing the sum on the bill?

A shirtless man slept on a hard mattress when he passed out on the slabs of the Khao San Road area of Bangkok

"There are people around looking at each other in a strange way and then there is these two tourists smiling to the camera in the background, giving the image an extra weird twist. It’s a strange scene.

'We do not check ID card': A Bangkok bar has an interesting selling point

"People are friendly, they are having fun and don't really mind being photographed by just another tourist.

"Often they are too busy to notice me and my camera."