By Samantha Grillo @samanthagrillo

A CROCODILE sinks its razor sharp teeth into another in an extreme battle for dominance

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GETTING SNAPPY: A Croc snaps down on another croc's neck

French tourist Marie-France Grenouillet, 69, snapped these photos of the two fighting crocs along Lake Manze in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

The two Nile crocs were spotted fighting in Lake Manze

The Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest animal reserves in the world.

Fight for dominance: One croc sinks his teeth into the other to display dominance

Photos show two Nile crocodiles fighting underwater - one biting the other on the neck.

Marie said: “We left the camp around 6:30am and were driving along the lake, everything was quiet but suddenly our attention turned to some splashes.

In an attempt to free himself the weaker croc spins his tail in a circle

“We stopped the car to look at the water and not very far from us we could see two big Nile crocodiles fighting.

Nile crocodiles have a bite force of 5000lbf

“They were biting each other but one quickly appeared to be more dominant. 

“The weaker crocodile tried to free itself by turning his tail in a circle but he had no chance of escaping. 

Nile crocodiles are considered the second largest reptile after saltwater crocs

“On the internet you usually find pictures of buffalo, hippo, and lion fighting - but very rarely crocodiles.” 

Nile crocodiles, found throughout Africa, have the strongest bite of any animal with a bite force of 5000lbf. 

The weaker croc spins his tail in a circle in an attempt to free himself

They can reach up to 5 metres in length and are considered the second largest extant reptile in the world after saltwater crocodiles. 

Marie guessed the crocs were fighting to mate with an unavailable female

Marie added: “The skin on a Nile crocodile is thick, but by the neck and mouth it is thinner which is why the dominant croc sunk his teeth there. 

French tourist Marie-France Grenouillet snapped these photos in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

“From the picture we can see blood on the teeth of the winner and we don’t know if the other crocodile died."

Marie guessed that the crocodiles were fighting because they were trying to mate with an unavailable female.