By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A PAIR of nine-year-old twins are already punching well above their weight in the boxing ring

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Videographer / director: Will Francome
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Steven and Daniel Grandy Jr first stepped into the ring at two-years-old and now they’re winning belts and medals everywhere they go.

The twins, from Philadelphia, are trained by proud dad Daniel Grandy, who also runs Guns Down, Gloves Up, a programme to help keep kids focused on sports.

Steven and Daniel have already collected an impressive thirteen belts between them and they’ve lost count of the medals that decorate their bedroom wall.

Steven told Barcroft TV: “My favourite thing to do is box. Training is hard work, if you don’t get the hard work right, you won’t be good.

“I think boxing is great because if you get in the ring, you feel like nothing’s gonna happen, but after something happen you gotta train harder so you can spar.”

Daniel Jr added: “My favourite thing to do is the pull up bar. Training is fun, great and it helps you get better.

“I think if we had to pick who was better out of us two, it would be both of us.”

The twins train up to four times a week, and whenever their father has the free time to hone their skills.

Dad Daniel said: “As far as my children, we’ve been training since they could walk. I spend all my free time in the gym with my children.

“I can honestly say I’ve never put gloves on them. They took to it. I handed them some gloves, and they put them on. They jumping around, they start shadow boxing and from that point on they’ve been growing non-stop, non-stop.

“They’re the hardest working kids in the gym, they’re the first to get there - last to leave.”

The boys are managed by Adam Scherzer, who believes that they are headed for a sparkling future in the boxing world.

Adam Scherzer said: “I think they both have a mean streak in them and I think that kind of gives them a separation from the other kids.

“They’re both little pit bulls, they both have that fire in their belly. I think the future is bright for the Grandy twins.”

The twins certainly have their priorities straight - Steven said: “In the future, I would like to have lots of money. I wanna be the greatest fighter ever.” While his brother Daniel added: “In the future, I would like to succeed.”

The twins’ dad also runs Guns Down, Gloves Up, which brings fathers and children together to help keep kids on track.

He explained: “Guns down, Gloves up is taking inner city kids and giving something positive to look forward to and try to keep them away from the streets.

“We live in a world where it’s brutal, boxing, if anything, teaches self-defence and discipline, which these kids need. I’ve never yet a fighter who runs around starting trouble.

“It’s so cowardly to pick up a gun, anybody can pick up a gun. Anybody can shoot from across the street and hit a bunch of people who’ve nothing to do with it.”

In 2017, Steven won Ringside World Champion for his age range and both boys have won belts from club tournaments all over Philadelphia.

Daniel said: “Right now, we’re just enjoying it, having fun, they’re winning. We just won a world tournament, we’re getting ready for a national tournament.

“I’m gonna support the twins in anything they do, no matter what it is. If it’s boxing, if it’s throwing cans down the street I’m gonna support them.

“I wanna do what’s right by these children, I feel like it’s my job. This is what keeps me motivated to get up and go everyday, because it needs to be done.

“We can all sit back and talk about the problem of this generation and how they act, but you gotta ask yourself - what are you doing to help?”