By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

FROM a monkey balancing on a goat to a team of Shih Tzus playing football - North Korea is keen to show tourists their wide range of entertainment

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Travel photographer Exithamster visited North Korea in May 2017

Situated in the capital of Pyongyang the North Korea zoo and circus are regular attractions for wealthy locals and visiting Westerners.

Exithamster captured the bizarre attractions in Pyongyang

Travel photographer Exithamster visited the mysterious country in May 2017.

The photographer visited a zoo and circus

He said: "Coming to North Korea the last thing you expect is the high number of amusement parks, a circus or a zoo.

A bear looking up a happy crowd
A circus performer standing on a spinning wheel

"They understand keeping the elite in Pyongyang happy and the tourists focused.”

An animal show included a team of shih tzus playing football

North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is known for having strict regulations for visitors and staging events.

An entranced crowd applauding the performers

Exithamster said: "North Korea is difficult to understand and not very transparent so it is always very hard to tell if various actions are faked or not.

Exithamster said: "In the animal show photographs of the stage only were allowed"

"In the animal show photographs of the stage only were allowed. In the circus security came up, not too amused, telling me to put my camera away.”

The animal show included a monkey riding a goat

Despite Western perceptions of North Korea as strict and regimented, the entertainers know how to engage guests and the photographer enjoyed his time there.


Exithamster said: ""They understand keeping the elite in Pyongyang happy and the tourists focused”

He said: "I was surprised about number of guests in Pyongyang Circus. The best seats in the mid section were occupied by foreigners. The rest was 80 percent military. Almost all seats were taken.

"The show was fantastic and lasted around an hour. Some breathtaking moves on ropes in the air, flips on turning iron-wheels and a little flying-hat-game with a foreigner participating made the crowds applause."