By Kanika Dhupar @kanika_kd

THERE must be something in the water in the Indian state of Punjab, where these bizarre creations are a common sight

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Plane crazy: Aircraft enthusiast Santokh Singh Uppal built this incredible water tank for his house

The large models are actually water tanks - and help to brighten up the streets in the already vibrant region. 

A tractor, a large flower, and even an enormous aeroplane can be spotted on the roofs of Punjabi homes.

This amazing creation is quite literally a water tank - and is complete with a soldier who is ready to do battle

As well as serving a purpose as functioning water tanks, the creations sometimes indicate the job role, status, or interests of the owner.

In the Jandiala village in Jalandhar district, homeowner Bahara Singh has a military tank on the roof of his property.

Tanvir Singh, who works at Bahara's house, said: “Many times people come to this house only to click pictures and check out the tank.”

Pushing the boat out: The water tanks of Punjab often reflect the job, status, or interest of the homeowner

The model military vehicle even has an armed solider poking out of the roof.

In the village of Uppal Bhupa, aeroplane enthusiast Santokh Singh Uppal has used his water tank to pay tribute to his passion.

A bright blue tractor serves as a water tank for one Punjab household

As a young child working in the fields, he was thrilled at watching an aircraft passing over his head - but flying in one remained a distant dream at the time. 

Even when he moved to the United Kingdom in 1959 at the age of 17, he travelled by boat, not getting his first experience on a plane until his journey home a few years later.

A bright yellow truck sits on the top of a building - transport appears to be a common theme for the amazing water tanks of Punjab

Now sat on the roof of his home is an enormous water tank fashioned to look like an Air India plane.

Santokh Singh Uppal's water tank can be seen for miles around, and reflects his passion for aeroplanes

Santokh commissioned an architect and a team of labourers to build the water tank, with work completed in 2004 - the culmination of a five year project.

The size of the tank makes it visible from a distance - meaning it has become a talking point for locals in his neighbourhood.

Flower power: A homeowner appears to have used his water tank to show his softer side

He said: “To me, this Air India plane symbolises the hopes and dreams of all those enterprising Punjab residents for whom going abroad is like the first step towards shaping their destiny.”

Most of the weird and wonderful water tanks are built by skilled labourers who work at various stores across the state.