By Gareth Shoulder @GarethShoulder

MAKING WAVES with an inimitable style, a limbless rapper wants to change the world with hip-hop music

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Colin White, aka N.U.B.S., was born with a rare condition called acheiropodia, an autosomal recessive disorder that results in the lack of distal extremities.

N.U.B.S. is a member of the Odd Squad Family, a trio of musicians from Phoenix, Arizona, including 27-year-old vocalist A~Factor and Snowman, 26, born with albinism.

The stage name N.U.B.S. stands for Normally Underestimated By Sight, an affliction the 26-year-old artist has been battling since birth.

N.U.B.S. told Barcroft TV: ‘The things I've learned about living with a disability are that anything's possible.

‘Hard work, dedication, and relentlessness is really all it takes to achieve whatever you're trying to achieve.

‘It’s taught me not to underestimate anybody, not to judge anybody based on what they look like.

The rapper found solace in High School when he was introduced to Snowman, real name Jovan Player, a fellow musician. Shortly after meeting they began making music and Odd Squad was born.

Snowman, like N.U.B.S. has a rare condition – albinism, and dealing with similar struggles, Snowman found himself using his struggles as inspiration for hip hop lyrics.

N.U.B.S. told Barcroft TV: ‘I'm so glad I found Snowman and A~Factor because they're my brothers.

‘They say blood’s thicker than water, but blood couldn't make our relationship any thicker.’

‘We got into all kinds of nonsense when we were teenagers in High School’, added Snowman.

‘From there we just created the group, Odd Squad Family and it started out as a family.

‘A group of friends seated around a table, the people that were closest that we could trust.

‘We took the name and we ran with it.’

The newest addition to the Odd Squad Family, A~Factor, joined the band in 2015.

Although he may appear ‘normal’ the artist has also faced his own battles to overcome throughout life.

A~Factor told Barcroft TV: ‘That’s the most frequently asked question, what’s wrong with the black guy?

‘That’s kind of the whole point of Odd Squad Family, there’s nothing wrong with any of us.

‘I may look ‘normal’, but everybody is odd in their own way.’

N.U.B.S. is in a relationship with his partner, Mary, the couple met in High School.

They have two children together, Jerami, four-years-old and Clay, 11 months-old.

Raising his children with an open mind is important to N.U.B.S. as the father-of-two admits he was bullied while growing up.

He told Barcroft TV: ‘It’s important that I’m a good father and teach my children everything I can.

‘I just want them to know that they can do anything, anything they want.

Now the inspirational hip hop artist hopes his artistic endeavours will make the world a more tolerant place.

‘I hope with my music, I can create a better place in this world. A less judgmental place, less ignorance.

‘I want to change people's mindsets and help their mentality be stronger with my music. I want to change the world’.