By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

OPPOSITES clearly attract for this unlikely couple as a snail leans in to give a lizard a kiss before using him as a footbridge

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Give us a kiss: An Earless Lizard appears to be disinterested as a snail places a 'kiss' on the top of his head

The series of stunningly shot close-up images by Lee Hua Ming, 35, show the moment a snail tries to climb a branch and comes face to face with an Earless Lizard resting and moulting there.

Hello there: A snail making its way up a tree branch and comes face to face with a friendly reptile

With nowhere to go and with no space for a u-turn, the snail had no choice but to keep moving forward.

In one image it even appears as if the snail is leaning in to give the Earless Lizard a kiss on the head, other images continue their unlikely love story as the snail then moves on very quickly from their short-term romance.

Let me take a look: The inquisitive shelled creature takes a closer look at the lizard

Snapped on December 24 last year, technician Lee first came across the odd pair in front of his house in Kota Bharu in Malaysia.

Technician, Lee, captured the incredible shots just outside the front door of his house in Malaysia

He said: “I was lucky to capture the pictures right in front of my house, where there are often a lot of lizards, snails and other insects around.

The Earless Lizard appears to be unbothered as the snail begins to make its journey along its body

“There are a lot of local food trees and flowers in my area and on a sunny day lizards lay out on the branches either waiting for food or just to sunbathe.

“I saw a snail attempting to climb a branch and meeting a lizard which was moulting at the time.

Unstoppable: The slimy creature did not allow the Lizard to stand in its way of getting across the branch

"There was no point for the snail to turn around so it had to keep moving onwards - on top of the lizard. I am glad I managed to capture the the whole thing until the snail came to the end of the ‘crossing’.”