By Aamir Bashir @Aamir_Here

AN INDIAN cyclist born without full arms or hands has set his sights on Paralympic glory

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Videographer / Director: Ajay Verma
Producer: Aamir Bashir, Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Against all odds: Jagwinder Singh is a competitive cyclist despite having been born without full arms or hands

Jagwinder Singh, 24, is a competitive cyclist - and an art teacher. 

The cycling enthusiast was inspired to buy his own bike after watching the 2012 Olympics on television and started peddling in his native town of Patran in Punjab. 

Inspirational: Having no arms, he uses his feet to eat his food, paint, and work on the computer

And much to his family's surprise, he started cycling to nearby Patiala – a distance of 25 km – three times a week.

Slowly, with the support of his friends and family, he began competing and is glad to be a source of inspiration in his community.

Olympic dreams: Jagwinder was inspired to buy his own bike after watching the 2012 Olympics on television

Jagwinder said: "The people who see me every day, their mindset becomes very positive, thinking 'If he can do so much in spite of not having hands then we can do anything.' 

On the road: Jagwinder takes to the pedals
Determined to make his parents and country proud - Jagwinder trains for hours each week

"This is one of my biggest achievements."

Having no arms, he uses his feet to cook and eat his food, paint, and even work on his computer. 

Athlete: Jagwinder trains hard, both at the gym and by cycling over 25km every day

He said: "I don’t face any problems because of being handicapped. 

"Whenever I feel like doing some work I see how another person is doing this work and work out how can I do it my own way."

Accomplished: Jagwinder works as an art teacher in a nearby school

But things were not always easy for Jagwinder - and earlier in life his parents worried about him. 

Working out: Jagwinder works up a sweat in the gym

His father said: "When he started going to school, at first there were many difficulties - like how he will be treated by the other kids, being handicapped. 

Winner on wheels: Jagwinder goes on a fast and furious ride
Despite his cycling success Jagwinder is still looking for love

"But he never lost his spirit, we supported him fully."

And with the success of his cycling and his teaching, now they only worry about him finding love.

Jagwinder hopes to win a gold medal at the Olympics

Jagwinder’s mother Amarjeet Kaur, 45, said: "We need a good girl for him,  who will support him and live her whole life with him properly. As we hope for good for him, she should wish the same.

The 24-year-old inspires the children with his aspirational attitude

But despite his parents' attempts at matchmaking, Jagwinder intends to stay focused on his cycling - training hard both at the gym and by cycling over 25km every day. 

Smile! The cyclist has become a local celebrity

In the future, he and his coaches hope he will make it to the Paralympics

My favorite cyclist is the Canadian Joseph Veloce - he is my biggest inspiration. Likewise I wish to win a gold medal in the Olympics.

As a child Jagwinder felt left out of team sports
An accomplished painter, Jagwinder has sold several of his pictures, and is inspiring a new generation

"I want to make my parents and my country proud with my cycling."