By Amanda Stringfellow @amanda_l_s

CREATIVE owners use hair dye to pimp their pets in an outrageous pet grooming competition

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White as Snow: This Poodle's pristine coat has been transformed into a Disney fantasy using coloured dyes

The posing dogs and crafted cats have their coats cut and dyed to be transformed into fascinating furry creations.

Alaskan Poodle: An eagle chases a fish in this water-based cut

Disguised as a field of butterflies, transformed into Snow White and the seven dwarves and even clipped into a bounding kangaroo - the primped pets are sheared and coloured in the name of art.

Sleeping Poodle: Adriane Pope dressed her prize pet up as a dragon and herself up as the wicked witch

The pictures were snapped by animal photographer, Ren Netherland, at the Intergroom competition held in Somerset, New Jersey.

Pup-art: The pictures were snapped by animal photographer, Ren Netherland, at the Intergroom competition held in Somerset, New Jersey

During the intense competition a fierce pink and black dragon and a macaw riding a stealthy cheetah emerged from the coats of a poodle and a pussy cat.

Cat-ch it if you can: This feline has a macaw designed into its fur
What a tail: The pets are completely transformed by the extreme grooming

In addition to sculpting other animal's out of their beloved pooches, competitors also carve intricate designs such as characters from their favourite films and cartoons.

Wag-nificent: Lori Craig used bright colours and butterflies to create this 'Firestarter' design

Ren, 54, from Florida travels thousands of miles each year photographing creative grooming competitions.

Hues a good boy: The dogs are dyed in advance and turn up at the shows with patches of different coloured fur

At the show the groomers rush to produce their masterpieces to perfection - before facing the judges.

Yabba dabba hairdo: It took nearly two hours to create this Scooby Doo design

Ren said: “First the owners have to grow the dogs hair long enough to create the designs, which can take a few months.

"The dogs are dyed in advance, when they turn up at the shows they just have lots of different coloured fur.

Out-bark: A kangaroo a koala and a wombat make up this Australian themed design

“Then the dogs are clipped and the designs are revealed.

"In this competition the owners had an hour and a half to clip the dog and then a final 15 minutes to pose the dogs ready to be examined.

“Some owners will spend months working on a design to get it perfect, if they don’t win a prize they will make improvements and try it again at the next show.”