By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

PAMPERED pigs live a life of luxury enjoying massages and spa treatments on a US farm

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One smart pig: Susan combs one of the hog's hair

The spoiled animals also benefit from bathtub grooming, hoof-trimming, and even acupuncture.

Ross Mill Farm in Jamison, Pennsylvania, is owned by pig-lover Susan Armstrong-Magidson.

Happy days: Life in the spa could be a lot worse

The 67-year-old even offers Reiki healing to the animals.

She said: “In the spa we play music to calm them down.

The pigs are loaded into crates to keep them still during treatments

"They love to listen to music and can display different emotions depending on the music - so its very relaxing to them.

“Plus we massage them with oils like lavender and chamomile.

The pigs are placed on their backs to have their hooves trimmed

“This sets their mood, calms them down, and prepares them for their grooming.”

The farm is home to roughly 160 pigs and piglets, many of which are cared for at the farm until they are given a new home.

Sometimes the animals are placed in harnesses to have their nails clipped

Susan takes in farm pigs that have been abandoned, as well as pigs that were kept as pets but were no longer wanted.

Some pig owners send their pets to the farm for short-term boarding while they go on holiday.

Hog standard: The pig's living quarters

The treatments all take place in a special grooming room, with the animals loaded into crates to keep them still.

The pig lover treats one of the hogs outside

Susan has lived on Ross Mill Farm for 33 years and started the pig farm in 1990.

Let sleeping hogs lie

She runs the spa with the help of nine employees.

She said: "They are really intelligent and seem more like children - they are individuals with a mind of their own.

"When your heart is opened to a relationship with them, you find unconditional love and a need for your guidance, discipline, and love.”