By Stephanie Stijkel

A FORMER boyband star is now unrecognisable after extreme plastic surgery

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Videographer / director: Joshua Maguire

Producer:  Stephanie Stijkel, Ruby Coote

Editor: Helen Mckee


Songwriter, Ian Starr Kalatzis, 36, grew up in the spotlight with his first paid job at the age of five.

Ian’s childhood was filled with talent competitions; fashion parades, beauty pageants and television shows.

“I absolutely love showbusiness,” Ian told Barcroft TV.   

In 2002, Ian joined the boyband “Boystar” hitting the Australian charts with a cover of Billy Ocean’s “Loverboy”.

“We toured Australia and New Zealand, releasing an album and a few singles, and it was fantastic”, Ian said.

But after leaving the boyband to explore a solo career, Ian had a harsh reality check, finding it difficult to obtain work after his initial success.

He added: “I suddenly wasn’t flavour of the month.”

Ian felt like this sudden drop in popularity was mainly to do with his appearance, describing his former self as “too plain looking”.

He turned to plastic surgery for a personal and professional re-invention.

Ian said: “I had quite a lot of cash on me and a lot of time on my hands and that is a bad mix when you walk into a plastic surgeon’s office.”

Having had his first liposuction at the age of 13 to get rid of his “puppy-fat”, Ian wasn’t exactly new to plastic surgery - but this time he had bigger plans.

Wanting to heighten his features, Ian underwent an extensive list of procedures within a five year time span.

These surgeries included a neck-lift, several nose jobs, chin, jaw and cheek implants, a brow lift and cat eye surgery.

The procedures changed Ian’s appearance so much that various people didn’t recognise the new him.

Nevertheless, the ex-boyband star said the surgeries paid off and his confidence went through the roof with many new doors suddenly opening for him.

Now that Ian is nearing his 40s, he wants to make sure his winning look is well taken care of.  

Ian said: “I still want to look good, I want to preserve my look, but I don’t want to cross that line of freakishness.

“Everybody wants to look good, and if anybody says that they don’t, well then they are a big fat liar.”