By Dav Rich

A WOMAN in Northern England who identifies as a Blue ‘Alien’ has decided to try out her vibrant look on her goth boyfriend

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FILMED BY: Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing

Producer: Dav Rich, Ruby Coote

Editor: Sonia Estal 

Lhouraii Li and Nathan Kent met 10 years ago at a Goth nightclub and have been together ever since. They were both 16 years old at the time when Lhouraii was drawn to Nathan’s gothic makeup and style and Nathan was attracted to Lhouraii’s fantasy look.

Nathan told Truly: “It’s interesting and stands out and it’s extreme but also it’s a reflection of what she likes and how she is”. Lhouraii added: “I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about his look, I like everything”.

Lhouraii and Nathan have admired each other's looks for some time now but Lhouraii has always wondered how Nathan would look as a blue version of himself.

And so they decided to give it a try…Lhouraii told Truly: “I’ve always wanted to turn my boyfriend blue because it would be nice to just be with another blue person for a day. I’m really excited about seeing what he looks like with blue skin”.

Lhouraii had asked Nathan to transform before but never got round to it and changing his skin colour is one part Nathan fears the most. Lhouraii said: “I think the part that he will dislike the most is the blue skin because I know that he likes having pale skin.”

Lhouraii has been painting her skin blue for over 10 years now and this has been her permanent, main style for just over two years, however, Nathan doubts blue skin will suit him.

He said: “I’m a bit nervous about blue skin, I like it on other people but I’m a bit worried it won't suit me!” Lhouraii is not nervous turning her boyfriend into a Blue Alien and cannot wait to see how Nathan will look being out of his goth look.

On the other hand, Nathan wouldn’t change anything about his goth look and enjoys the contrast between the white and the black on his clothing and make-up.

Lhouraii has never tried transforming into Nathan’s look and has not ruled this idea out! Lhouraii told Truly: “I’d let you do my makeup as long as I can get half blue skin!”