By Dav Rich

LUIS PADRON, 28, from Argentina, has had 32 procedures to achieve his out of this world, real-life elf look

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Shot By: Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing

Producer: Dav Rich, Ruby Coote

Editor: Beth Angus

Luis first filmed with Truly back in 2018, revealing his pointy ears, enlarged eyes and white hair, since then Luis has had lots of plastic surgery to keep his ‘otherworldly’ look on point. 

Luis is currently in lockdown at his sister's apartment, Mariana, who is also training to be a plastic surgeon, and will soon work on Luis’s new Maleficent style face. But first, Luis must get to grips on maintaining his fantasy look, whilst living in lockdown. 

Luis told Truly: “It’s really hard to maintain my elf look, but I try and do my best and it doesn’t look bad!”

Having left most of his belongings in LA, Luis must work with what he has, as well as surviving living with his sister...

Luis said: “It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! We are brother and sister so we fight sometimes we laugh sometimes we’re trying our best to spend the time to get along and you know, just try to make the best of this time until the quarantine continues."

Since filming with Truly, Luis has been developing his look, from a vampire hairline transplant to changing his eye colour five times. Most recently Luis went to South Korea to have his jaw line reshaped. 

Luis continued: "I did my entire jawline in South Korea. They broke it in five parts, then reshaped it and put everything together with eight nails and that one really hurt!”

But Luis has even bigger plans to transform his look and once Mariana has completed her training, she will have Luis as her patient.

“I have done a lot of surgeries but the big one is coming," Luis said.

"It’s a face implant, an entire jawline, cheekbone eyebrow, under my skin."

This will certainly be a game changer for Luis and will change his entire facial structure. 

Luis’s goal is to make people see there’s a potential of magic in life and that you can do anything. 

He said: “My goal in life is to make people see there’s a potential of magic and it just depends on you."