By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

A PAIR of young rhinoceros are chased out of a watering hole by older bullies

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Two young rhinos rest by the water, unaware their relaxation will shortly be interrupted

The tense stand-off occurred in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, between four rhinos.

The two rhinos appear nervous at the sight of the older animals

In a scene more common in a playground than in the African bush, two young rhinos were relaxing by the water when the older animals suddenly disturbed them.

The two older rhinos were not prepared to share the watering hole

Not content to share the watering hole, the larger animals began to act aggressively towards the smaller rhinos by locking its horn underneath one of the victim’s legs and head-butting another.

Intimidation: The older rhino locks horns with the younger

It wasn’t before long the bullies pursued the young rhinos around the watering hole and chased them out.

Christa Niederer, a photographer from South Africa, watched the exchange.

The two older rhinos were not prepared to share the watering hole

She said: “The rhinos ran around the waterhole at a surprising speed, the ground shaking as they thundered past.

“First the smaller rhino passed me at a gallop with all four legs above ground only to be followed by a big rhino that was just as surprisingly nimble.

The younger rhino tries to fight back but is no match for the elder

“At one stage, one of the smaller rhinos tried to disappear into the bushes but was cut off by one of the bullies and had to run through the water.

The younger rhino kicks up dust as it runs away

“Eventually they all seemed to tire down and the smaller rhinos grabbed the opportunity for a hasty retreat.

In hot pursuit: The older rhino chases after its rival

“Rhinos are presently heavily poached for their horns and numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate.

The older rhino pursues the younger animal into the water

“I therefore felt particularly lucky to witness this rhino dispute when I was in the Kruger National Park, South Africa last year.”

The young rhino is chased out of the watering hole by the older animal