By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

For most women, retirement is a time for relaxing and taking it easy

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On your bike: Glam gran takes a ride

But for Margaret Collins, the golden years are the prime time for partying, pole dancing and serial dating.

The 71-year-old is the silver queen of online dating and has hordes of younger men clamouring to take her out.

And the platinum blonde pensioner – who has been on over 200 dates over 12 years – says that dating younger men keeps her youthful.

Lady in Red: Margaret looks striking in an elegant ball gown
Pucker up: The great grandmother has men falling at her feet

Margaret, a great grandmother, lives in an older person’s housing complex in Newcastle, but spends her retirement tearing up the city’s notorious Bigg Market.

As well as hitting the town, Margaret is a regular on the dating scene and has been whisked away on exotic foreign holidays by admirers she has met online.

Margaret said: “Men my own age are stiff and boring. I like to enjoy myself and have a dance.

“”I love clubbing with my daughter Mandy and and we both get a lot of attention from young men when we're out.

Shock horror! Margaret can receive over 100 messages in a week

“I’m a firm believer that life begins at 70. I’ve never felt more carefree and desirable and I’m determined to spend my retirement having fun.”

Twice-married Margaret, originally from East London, had her first daughter Karen, 49, when she was 21, followed by Mandy, now 47, and Joanna, now 41.

She married her first husband when she was 20 and spent the next 20 years raising her children whilst working part-time.

Margaret, who also raised her granddaughter Morggen, now 30, started up her own marketing business and worked as an MD for 21 years until she was 68.

Spring chicken: Margaret looks like a woman half her age
Girl's night out: Margaret goes clubbing in Newcastle regularly

It was only after becoming newly single at 54 that she threw caution to the wind and joined a singles club, although she was initially terrified of dating.

Four years later she set up an online dating profile and was immediately inundated with messages from younger men all eager to take her out.

Margaret said: “I have profiles on Plenty of Fish and

“Some weeks I can get over 100 messages and I could have a date every night if I wanted to.

Beside the seaside: Margaret takes a stroll along the sand
Peroxide blonde pensioner: Margaret prepares for canoeing on her 71st birthday

“Men just seem to fall at my feet, I’ve had marriage proposals and all sorts but I’m enjoying playing the field at the moment.”

Despite being inundated with offers, Margaret is choosy with who she allows to take her out, tending to favour businessmen who can show her the high life.

She said: “There’s always a lot of guys on internet dating that contact me. Most of them are nice guys but you do get some nasty ones.

“I despise beer bellies, tattoos, earrings and white trainers.

 “I like men who can match my confidence and hold their own in a conversation with me – I can get bored of guys very easily.”

Ladies night: Margaret with her daughter Mandy (left)

And the glam gran’s escapades even take her overseas, with suitors whisking her off on exotic holidays all over the world.

Margaret said: “I went to Portugal on an internet date out to a man’s house there.

 “I went to Abu Dhabi with a guy I met on an internet dating site.

“He booked my flight and had a chauffer to pick me up and drive me about.”

Margaret, who has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, said: “It doesn’t faze me when men pick up the bill because if I wanted to I could do all of those things for myself.

“I was with a man for two years and he put me up in a suite in the Savoy and took me on shopping sprees in Harrods.

Like a virgin: Margaret enjoying her themed 70th birthday party
Margaret Collins on her 70th birthday before a night out in Newcastle

“If someone doesn’t treat me nicely then I won’t waste my time on them.”

As well as luxury holidays, Margaret has been lavished with gifts from her many admirers, including a pearl necklace, a diamond ring, designer dresses and bouquets of flowers.

And when she isn’t being romanced, Margaret enjoys painting the town red with her daughter Mandy.

Margaret’s three daughters have grown used to their mum’s wild ways and tend not to interfere in her adventurous love life.

Margaret said: “They think as long as I’m safe that they’re not really bothered.

“They’re happy that I’m enjoying my retirement and not sitting at home alone like a lot of people my age.

“My daughter Mandy did accuse me of being a mercenary because I dump a lot of men but that’s just ridiculous.”

When she isn’t partying or being wined and dined, Margaret enjoys tai chi, kayaking, shopping and staying fit and is more active than most 20-year-olds.

She said: “People always ask me if I’ve had surgery but I’m 100% natural.

“I’m lucky to have good genes and staying active and dating keeps me looking young.”

But despite enjoying her freedom and the excitement of the dating scene, Margaret admits that she is an old romantic at heart.

She said: “I would like to meet someone eventually and settle down but he would have to be a special man for me to give up my lifestyle.”