By Giacomo Brunelli @GiacomoBrunelli

A POLYAMOROUS triad now feel complete after getting married

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Videographer / director: Sarah Anderson, Jacki Huntington
Producer: Giacomo Brunelli
Editor: Helen Mckee


Summer, 25, Chacha, 35, and Jimmy, 35, have symbolically tied the knot - and their wedding was the first time that certain members of their three families came together and met.

Jimmy and Chacha have known each other since high school but only started dating after graduating.

Chacha knew from a young age she was interested in women as well as men, so she made that clear to Jimmy early on – they then met Summer more recently and welcomed her into their relationship. 

Chacha told Barcroft TV: “I’ve always known I was bisexual.”

As a triad, they have been together for over six years and their symbolic wedding marks the definitive nature of their love.

One of the guests in attendance was Summer’s mother, Kellina.

She said: “I feel like Summer’s at the forefront for her generation with a new love.

“And I think that it's just beautiful.”

Summer’s grandfather, Ron, was also there – but he admitted that he was not even aware of their relationship until the triad announced their engagement.

“I never put two and two together, I find it amazing that I could be that naïve,” he said.

Unfortunately, some of their family members disagree with them getting married as a triad, and so decided to not show up to their wedding.

“Not having your parents around in a moment like this is… emotional in a way - I didn't think it was going to be this bad.” Jimmy said.

Chacha added: “We wish they were there, but they don’t approve of our relationship, so it’s been really hard for us to manage and get through it.”

However, there was a huge sense of support, love and understanding from the other family and friends who did attend.

Their close friend, Jen, made a speech on their special day.

She said: “Their love and their connection just showed me so much more of what this world can be even in its darkest moments - it's a beautiful thing.”

Kellina was also upset by some family members not showing up for Summer’s sake - she doesn’t understand why they refuse to support them all.

“What do you have to judge? There is nothing to really judge, there's just love,” she said.

After completing their vows the triad partied with their loved ones and successfully performed their long-practiced wedding dance.

“The dance was a lot of fun - I was a little bit nervous, but I think all in all it came out beautiful” said Chacha.

The triad now look forward to their future together as a married throuple and are already planning to start a family.

“What I look forward to in life with Jimmy and Summer is growing together - we want a family,” Chacha continued.

They also hope to feel more accepted by the family members that decided to not support them on their wedding day.