By Nathalie Bonney

MARRIED couple Bettina and Tavish say they are deeply in love and plan to have children together – who will also be brought up by Bettina’s boyfriend Adam, and Tavish’s girlfriend Ellie

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Videographer / director: Colin Bell
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Chloe Sweet
Editor: Florence Kennard


The polyamorous quad, who all live together in Massachusetts, say their decision to open up their relationships has been met with disapproval and bafflement from outsiders – although all their family have been supportive of their multi-love approach. Tavish and Ellie, who has another husband living in a different state while he finishes grad school, would also like to have children. Ellie and her husband decided to open up their marriage about six years ago. A few months into this decision she met Tavish. By this time Bettina had also met her boyfriend Adam and he’d already moved in with Tavish and Bettina. On a rare night out for her, Bettina starting talking to Adam over drinks. Adam flirted with Bettina only to put the brakes on when he learnt she was attached. But something about their connection - not to mention her telling him she was polyamorous – and Adam telling Bettina he was drunk, brought him back. The couple exchanged numbers and soon started dating. Adam is the only one of the four to be dating one person (Bettina) exclusively. And while the four adults all live together under one roof, they are not all in relationship with one another. There is nothing physical or romantic between the same sexes. Grateful at least that they haven’t been met with opposition from their own families. The quad hope to start their own family soon.