By Liam Miller

A THROUPLE have become ‘engaged’ in an underwater ceremony that saw already-married Martin Thomsen and Victoria Immervoll propose to their new partner Nia Lange

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Videographer / director: Rodrigo Gomez
Producer: Liam Miller, Ruby Coote
Editor: Beth Angus

Three-way marriages are not legal in most countries, but the polyamorists are planning to have their own style wedding in which they will make personal three-way vows to each other.

To make their proposal to Nia, 26, extra special, Martin, 27 and Victoria, 26, from Aalborg in Denmark, popped the question while underwater on a diving trip in Costa Rica on January 7, using a written message.

Footage of the moment shows the trio together underwater, before one of them produces a stone bearing the inscription, ‘Will you marry us?’.

While she can’t talk due to her diving apparatus, Nia can be seen accepting the offer using hand signals.

None of the three had been in a throuple - or three-way couple - before they all met each other.

Physiotherapy student Victoria, also known as Vicky, said: “I started being curious about women when I was engaged to Martin two years ago.

“I didn’t want to leave Martin and couldn’t imagine my life without him, so I told him. I believe that true love is honest.”

Martin, who works as a consultant, was open to Vicky exploring her curiosity on the condition that she always shared her experiences.

Vicky started seeing other women and the couple say she was completely honest at first, but that changed when she started a relationship with a woman during a trip to Tenerife.

“It wasn’t planned, and the situation just got away from me,” said Vicky. “I couldn’t marry Martin without telling him, and I wanted him to know that I didn’t want it to be the end of us.”.

Despite her honesty, Martin felt she had broken their agreement.

The couple began doubting if they were supposed to be together. "Through honesty, love and many tough conversations we decided to continue with the wedding,” said Martin.

Victoria stopped seeing the other woman before their wedding in August 2017, but the couple agreed she could continue exploring her feelings for women.

“The only condition was honesty,” said Martin. “I wanted to give us another chance. But I never imagined this would lead to me being in a relationship with two goddesses.”

Then Vicky met Nia while traveling through the USA in September last year.

“We knew each other from our childhoods,” said Victoria. “We grew up on the same island in Venezuela and I was friends with her on Instagram.”

Nia, who lives in Miami and runs her own gourmet food stall, said: “I never thought anything would happen with Vicky because she was just a friend that was coming to visit.

“I knew she was married and I’d never had feelings for a woman before.

“Her husband was in Denmark, she was staying here and it was very innocent at first, but then I met her and it all changed.”

This time Vicky revealed everything to Martin and, while still in Denmark, he agreed to meet Nia online through Whatsapp and Instagram.

“I was impressed by how they trust each other,” said Nia. “I really admire them for that, she really talked to him like best friends.”

In a big twist, Martin and Nia also felt attracted to each other. The unexpected encounter led Martin and Victoria to reshape their view about how their marriage might work.

Nia also had to reassess her own views about relationships and the trio agreed to spend time in Florida and Puerto Rico as a threesome to see what it felt like being ‘poly’ in person.

“I never thought I would be capable of this and I had never thought about it before,” said Nia. “It has just happened to us and it feels right to all of us.”

Martin said: “We all fell in love together.

“Vicky and I discussed the idea of proposing to Nia and decided to do it while we were diving..

“It was really fun planning it in secret and it was amazing when it happened.

“I could see Nia’s expression through her mask when we held up the rock with the proposal message, and it was clear she was saying yes. There was no doubt that she wanted to.

Martin and Victoria had to return to Denmark for work, and Nia to her food business in Miami, but the trio are now planning their big day for later this year, and are deciding where to live together.

“The wedding will be more of a personal ceremony between us where we make similar vows to be faithful and support each other.”

While the three they say polyamory has some advantages, the throuple say that being in a polyamorous relationship for the first time brings lots of challenges.

Martin said: “Every day is like a training camp. I imagine it’s how a Navy Seal soldier feels during Hell Week, emotionally and spiritually.”

Victoria added: “It can be strange at times. I have a relationship with Martin, I have a relationship with Nia, they have a relationship together, and all three of us have a relationship that includes all of us.”

Martin said: “We get strange reactions from people all the time. If we kiss in public without thinking, and we forget that lots of people aren’t used to something like this, or are more traditional, you can see people around are thinking, ‘What's going on?’

“It doesn’t bother us. We are doing this because we have found love with each other. At times it’s complicated. I had enough trouble being in a relationship with one woman before, and now I have two.

“I wouldn’t say this is for everybody. All of our individual experiences have made us into people who can have this situation and be OK with it.”