By Nathalie Bonney @nathaliebonney

MUSICIAN Marcia Favre has come up with a novel way to make extra money - by becoming a professional dater

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The musician claims professional dating is easy money

The 33-year-old New Yorker goes on Champagne dates with older, rich men in exchange for cash and has made $9,000 to date.  

Earning between $150 to $300 dollars a pop, on one particularly lucrative date Marcia earned $1500 - just for a 30-minute drink at a bar.

Marcia said: “I totally recommend it. Need $150? Bam there you go. It’s just that simple.

Pro Dater: Marcia goes on dates with men for money

"I literally show up, have a drink, talk about nothing and get paid. It’s pretty easy money, it really is.”

But Marcia is far from single as she has been with her long-term partner Joseph King for 10 years.

Marcia said: “When I first told him, he kind of chuckled. He was like: ‘Are you serious? People actually pay you to have drinks and dinner?’ I said: ‘Yeah they do’ and he kinda laughed."

One Night Only: Marcia can get paid up to $300 for a date

Joseph, a fellow musician, supports Marcia’s sideline - not least because he gets taken out for free meals and drinks courtesy of his pro-dater girlfriend’s additional income.

Joseph, 40, said: “There have been a lot of other things that I have done as a musician in New York City to make a living. I mean you gotta be creative, you know.

"And so I realised that she’s going out to have drinks with men who are willing to pay her, so now she has money to take me out for drinks. So, I’m totally fine with it!”

Marcia's boyfriend Joseph is fine with Marcia dating other men for money

Kept-man Joseph certainly doesn’t need to worry about Marcia falling for any of her dates either, with Marcia admitting she struggles to like some of her dates let alone develop any stronger feelings. 

She said: “I don’t really have respect for anyone that would pay me to go out with him. I could totally never fall in love like this. Never.

“The worst date I went on was with this guy who was super short. I couldn’t find him. He was sitting on this stool and when he got off he was even shorter than me. He was a drag and so boring.

“The funniest date I went on was on a pretty windy day and his wig blew off. He ran away to fetch it and I pretended that I hadn’t seen anything – but it was quite obvious. And no it wasn’t Donald Trump. I would have charged him $10,000 – he would have hated me.”

The couple benefit from Marcia's earnings by spending them on their own dates

As well as being paid for her company, Marcia has received backstage concert passes, a plane ticket and extra cash bonuses from some of her regulars.

She said: “Once I was in LA and I called one of my ‘friends’ up and I am like: ‘Hey, I need some shopping money.’ So, he wired me a $1000.”

In spite of these extra gifts Marcia instills a strict no sex policy – in fact she aims to spend as little time as possible with her paid dates.

She said: “I think escorting is more of the girl hangs out with the guy, it’s like arm candy. That is something that I am totally not interested in.

Marcia once got paid $1500 for half hour drinks with a lonely man
Marcia said: “It’s a great hustle; it’s a great way to make money. I think it’s brilliant"

“Some men wanna have dinner and that’s something I’m not interested in because I don’t want to waste time. 

“I try to make it quick meets in bars – a glass or two of Champagne or a whisky – and then I dash out the door. I try to rush the ‘interview’ so that I don’t have to stay for too long. It feels like an interview – that’s why I call it that.

“I have never been approached about sex. Never. I never let them feel familiar with me.

“The most indecent proposal that I ever had, was a guy asking me to Vegas for the weekend. I thought hell no!”

The singer songwriter meets her dates through website; the dating site links rich men to beautiful, typically younger women where the men say how much they are prepared to pay their date.

Marcia has a strict no sex policy with her daters

Marcia said: “I’d been on a dating site before and had a lot of people writing to me and I thought I should get paid for this and so I saw about what’s your price.”

“Typically I deal with older men, like older, rich people with grey hair and the whole old look.”

In spite of his support, asked if he’d like Marcia to quit her pro-dater sideline, Joseph is in two minds.

He said “I wouldn’t ask her to stop. It’s fine. It doesn’t cause any problem between us. She makes very good money doing it. The more drinks she has with men that are paying for her, the nicer dinners that I get to go out to.

Marcia finds her daters on site

“I mean would I rather she not do it? Of course I wish we were independently wealthy and flying around the world and taking vacations instead of doing what we have to do for money, but you know it is what it is.”

For now though Marcia can’t see an easier – or more lucrative - way to make money. 

She said: “I think it’s a great idea, I really do. I have made $1500 in a week just for having a glass of Champagne or two.”

Marcia is such a fan of professional dating she’s even convinced her mum it’s a good idea – “she said ‘hey why not?!’ – and wholeheartedly recommends it to others.

Marcia said: “It’s a great hustle; it’s a great way to make money. I think it’s brilliant.”