By Basit Umer

IN a small village in Punjab, young girls are challenging gender stereotypes - by entering the male-dominated world of boxing

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Videographer / director: Ajay Verma, Zia Shakir
Producer: Basit Umer, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Shiona Penrake

The 'Sher-E Punjab Academy' has taken it upon themselves to train the girls and help them achieve their dreams. The academy started up in 2006, and as of now, they have 40-50 young children training in their ranks. A large motivation behind opening the academy, was addressing the disparity that many were facing in terms of drug use, violence and other injustices in the village. Since the opening, the academy has developed athletes that have been able to compete on all stages - village, state, national and international. Their ultimate goal is to become the 'model village' and show others what can be accomplished with kindness and support.