By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

A WOMAN has taken her obsession with mermaids so far that she swims in a tail - and believes that she is a real-life mermaid

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Videographer / director: Dennis Porter
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote   
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Cassia ‘Sia’ Shells lives in Toronto, Canada with her fiancé Adrian.

Her love for the mythical sea creatures since childhood, where she collected mermaid dolls.

The 29-year-old says she relates to mermaids on a personal level, and in fact she believes that she is a mermaid herself.

Sia told Barcroft TV: "I think what I really love about mermaids is that they are rebels because they own their own space, and they won't let anyone take that away from them.

“And they're also really beautiful and mysterious.

“I think they are real, I just don't think they look like what we think they look like. I think they're in the depths of the sea and I think they might have weird eyes everywhere, because they have to get used to that depth.

“And you know, when you see those weird fish that live really, really deep in the ocean, they don't really look the same as people, that have the sun and everything like that, and the exposure to that.

“So I think that they do exist, I just don't think they look like what we think they look like.

“I definitely believe I am a mermaid. I don’t have a medical tail but I have silicon and fabric tails that I can play around with and swim with and that’s when I feel my best.”

The musician and influencer, has gone so far as to theme her house around her mermaid obsession, with most items being blue, glittery or covered in scales.

Fortunately Sia has a supportive fiancé who is used to the sea-life decoration and way of life.

Adrian said: "You know what, after being together for almost a decade now, it's been infused into my life. It's nothing more than just putting on a pair of pants or I guess in her case, a pair of fins each morning.

"The way I relate to her obsession, I'm very big on the ocean. I love going away on tropical vacations. I love to swim. So that sort of encompasses everything that she does and our love for sea life and the ocean in general, just coral reefs, sea turtles, we love it all."

The blue-haired-woman even has two mermaid tails hanging up in her bedroom.

Sia said: "So I have two mermaid tails currently. I have a silicon one, which was the one that I got first. And then I have a fabric one that I bought recently and is from this company called Finfolk. They make really beautiful realistic tails.

“The silicon ones can go up to $2,000, because its custom and it takes a year sometimes to make them. It’s like making a prosthetic for a movie. They take your measurements, it’s completely custom to you. You choose the colors you want. It’s really, really neat.”

The wannabe-mermaid has taught herself to swim in the tails and regularly visits local swimming pools.

She said: "Oh my God. The first time I put on a tail, felt like a dream come true. It was literally like actualizing the image you have in your mind your entire life.

"Obviously Canada isn’t as warm as places like Florida and stuff like that, so I try to swim in it every summer. And then I also take it indoors swimming too."

Adrian and Sia are soon to be married, and Sia has lavish mermaid plans for the wedding.

She said: "My wedding is going to be very mermaid themed. Adrian doesn’t know because obviously it’s bad luck to see the dress. But even the dress is mermaid looking, so I’m very excited. I was even thinking of taking shots in the water. Like having everyone go in the water, and take underwater shots that might be fun.

"I might even bring my mermaid tail to take some nice shots of him rescuing me on the shores.”

Adrian added: "I wouldn't say it's a typical beach wedding. It's going to be something a little more beyond that. I mean, when you have a fiancé who's a mermaid, you're going to be doing something a little less than normal.”

Sia’s obsession has led her to begin raising awareness of ocean and sea-life conservation through her YouTube and Instagram account.

She said: "I definitely use my channel to spread awareness about Ocean Conservation and Coral Reefs, and pollution. Because I think it’s so important. It’s part of my love for the ocean.

"I definitely think mermaiding and mermaid life is going to be part of my every day for the rest of my life."