By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

A TEENAGER is wowing onlookers online with her unique looks - including donning a full face of Shrek-esque green make-up to transform into a real-life goblin

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Videographer / director: Fabrice Caterini

Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote   

Editor: Beth Angus


Alice Caron, 19, from Lyon, France, has patented an ultra-colourful style that mixes cyberpunk, fantasy, gothic and "Harajuku" - the cutesy Japanese fashion based on the district in Tokyo from which it originated. 

However one of her most distinctive creations is the goblin, which features green body paint over all visible body parts, large prosthetic ears and black lipstick - combined with Alice's rainbow-hued hair and clothing.

Alice said: "I love to be green because it brings me a lot of joy and I want to feel 100% myself, it's about self-expression and feeling comfortable and happy with how I look."

The French teen has found love with boyfriend Nicolas, 26, who adores her out-there look despite opting for more conservative clothes himself. 

"My boyfriend has a very classical and simple look. He loves how I look even though we are very different," she said. 

"It's so funny because no one expects to see us together, especially on the street."

Nicolas admits he felt daunted by Alice's extreme fashion and make-up choices when they first started interacting but says he soon saw past her look.

He said: "Walking with a goblin isn't something I'd experienced before!

"When I first saw Alice's style I was intimidated. I was like "We are from two different worlds" but from messages between us and talking I saw we were not very different."

Alice says that she was on the receiving end of bullying at school because of her striking style choices - but that she never thought about switching-up her style to something plainer.

"When I was younger I was bullied by other students, people yelling insults at me and spitting on me and my backpack," she said. 

"But even though I suffered from bullying in the past, it never stopped me from being myself or having an imaginative style."

According to Alice, she still encounters negativity when walking the streets of her home city in her signature style, in the form of stares or mean comments. 

"When I go outside and walk in the street, sometimes people can be very rude," she said. 

But despite the rudeness, Alice is committed to showing the world that fashion should not be defined by rules. 

She said: "My favourite thing in dressing like this is I can be whoever I want. My face is like a playground and I can create whatever I want. My look is different every day."

Alice now has her own online accessories shop, Le Lezard Rose (The Pink Lizard), and her bold look has made her a magnet for other alternative style enthusiasts in her region - who she sees at the frequent meet-ups she organises. 

Juliette, Alice's friend who is also a regular at the events, said: "Alice's look is very colourful, it's an explosion of colours. She's an alien in Lyon, it brings joy in a grey world."

Alice added: "My dream is to stay myself and find my way as an adult. I like dressing this way as thanks to that I feel confident and pretty and 100% myself."

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