By Mark Hodge @MrHodgey

A PACK of sporty dogs wear goggles to shields their eyes from the blinding rays of the sun

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Videographer / Director: Rex Specs
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal, Kyle Waters

Making a Splash: The goggles offer the animal's eyes better protection than anything else on the market

Rex Specs is the latest technological advancement in canine eye protection and are now being used by the US military to protect their heroic hounds.

Aiden running with her active and happy dogs - who have their eyes protected with the special goggles

The product has polycarbonate lenses which are shatter resistant and protect against harmful UV rays.

One of the trendy looking Rex Specs models

The specs are the brainchild of dog lovers Aiden Doane, 31, and Jesse Emilo, 33, whose love of hiking in mountainous Jackson, Wyoming, resulted in both their pooches developing harmful eye conditions.

The happy hound bounds through the thick snow

Aiden said they were unhappy with the existing mutt masks on the market.

Rex Specs owners Jesse (left) and Aiden (right) pose with their beloved pet dogs

She said: “The options for eye protection at the time didn’t stay in place, or offer a large field of view.

Despite the strong sunlight this mutt's eyes are safe behind the polycarbonate lenses
Just the two of 'rough':The goggles suit active dogs who like outdoor sports

“This was discouraging when we took them into the mountains for the adventures they love - so we started making our own goggles for them out of materials we had around the house.

A pair of handsome looking hounds sport the protective goggles

“As we developed the product, with veterinary and medical needs in mind, we realised that working dogs were also in need of eye protection.”

Ready for action: One of the dogs seems to be on alert while crossing a river

Rex Specs are designed for dogs which weigh between 30lbs and 100 lbs – although a model for smaller canines is currently being developed.

A pensive looking pooch looks ready for action while sporting his Rex Specs

And while Aiden admitted that some dogs' first reaction is to pull the googles off – she revealed that with the right training the animals do become used to the eye-wear.

She said: “Some dogs want to fight them and in that case, we provide tips for training your dog to wear Rex Specs.

A khaki version of the special protective eye wear

“When introduced properly, and methodically, the dog will adjust and grew comfortable with them.

“However, to help the them stay on, and in place, the strap system holds the goggles securely to their face.”