By Tom Midlane @GoldenLatrine

STEP inside the “Fort Knox of storage" - where Hollywood A-listers and the super rich keep millions of pounds worth of luxury goods

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Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

The RoboVault contains an art collection worth upwards of £50miilion

RoboVault, a high security storage facility in Florida, is built to withstand a category five hurricane, the most ferocious of its kind.

From £500,000 Ferraris to fine art collections worth upwards of £50million, the vault houses goods for those with the most expensive of tastes.

RoboVault president Susan McGregor says the building is the storage equivalent of Fort Knox

Advanced robotic technology makes the building all but impenetrable - and armed guards and fingerprint scans make the vault inaccessible to intruders.

The RoboVault also protects millions of pounds worth of goods by using bulletproof glass, biometric security, and unique passcodes.

The vault contains millions of pounds worth of supercars

Prices to keep belongings behind the vault's incredible 18” thick door start at a reasonable $525 - pocket change for some of the vault's celebrity users.

Susan McGregor, the Fort Lauderdale facility's president and general manager, said: “Every day we see something different that comes through RoboVault.

Biometric security, armed guards, and an 18inch thick door all play a part in the facility's maximum security

"I often get asked what’s the most unusual that I have ever seen here and that was pallets of Mongolian dinosaur bones.

“We have very, very wealthy clients, people that have spent their entire lives putting their collections together.

The vault stores items ranging from those worth millions of pounds, to those which have tremendous sentimental value

"But we also have clients that are not super wealthy but who just want to have their collections or their items in the safest place possible.

"So some of our clients have just incredibly expensive collections and some have items that are priceless to them.”

Behind bars: The RoboVault is home to goods that belong to Hollywood A-listers and the super rich

Movie stars stash some of their most coveted possessions in the vault, but the Hollywood A-listers can be not named because of a confidentiality agreement they have with the facility.

The building also has a wine vault which is climate controlled to 55 degrees - the perfect temperature to store an expensive tipple.

Susan McGregor stands in the doorway of one of her storage rooms

Susan continued: “I was in the wine vault once and one of our clients dropped a bottle of wine.

“They just happened to mention ‘there goes $8,000’. So my first thought was ‘let me get some straws.”

“In terms of the art we have collections that are several thousand dollars to $70 million in value, and they cover a variety of different artists.

The facility's wine storage room is climate controlled at 55c

"I know we have had Picassos here and we have had other artists that would be very valuable.

“Our clients are not typically 9-to-5 people. So we are available to them whenever they need us.

"If a client is flying into town they will simply call us and tell us what time they will be arriving and we make sure their possessions are ready."