By Dav Rich

RODDY ALVES is a larger than life personality who has spent the last eight years better known as the 'human life Ken doll' - but now, he is transitioning into a woman

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Videographer / director: Sam Miles, Thomas Evans

Producer: Dav Rich, Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote

Editor: Beth Angus

Due to Roddy’s lifestyle, love for fashion and cosmetic surgeries, he has stood out among many other men and has described himself as “the life and soul of a party.” 

Over the years, Roddy has been regularly snapped wearing his signature beautiful blazers, flaunting his artificial looking face and constantly having plastic surgeries and body modifications - he has been asked to take part in many photo shoots, television shows and TV reality shows. 

Roddy told Truly: “I speak six languages fluently, I could do television shows around the world. 

“After that I became a worldwide sensation with more than 300 television shows and four reality shows in 24 countries.” 

But throughout the years, Roddy realised he did not want to be a 'Ken doll' look alike after all. 

He said: “I was the full package to be that character and that personality. I made the most of it. I really had fun.” 

It was during a gender fluidity awareness photoshoot two years ago in New York where Roddy realised that actually, he was meant to be a woman, not a man, and so his transition started then.

However, Roddy began transitioning in secret and living a double life - and to this day, he wishes to be referred to and known as ‘Roddy’ and ‘he’ until he has fully completed his transition. 

He continued: “During the day I was the ‘human life Ken doll’ that everyone wanted me to be. But when I arrived home I would wear dresses, high heels and make-up. 

“I carried on with my plastic surgeries to become more feminine look wise. I had four ribs removed to have a smaller waist, and I had another facelift, I had the shape of my eye more feminine.” 

Roddy started to feel happy and comfortable with himself but also worried about the impact the transition would have on his career. 

“I was worried that I would not go back on television that people would hate me and not love me anymore,” he said. 

However, as Roddy enters this new chapter in his life, his career is soaring and so is his confidence: “I feel like a woman. I think like a woman. The woman that I was always meant to be.”