By Rafaela Kuznec @RafaelaKuznec

A 22-YEAR-OLD man has been injecting his biceps with dangerous chemical ‘synthol’ to make him look like Popeye

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Videographer / director: Denis Slepov
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, Ruby Coote
Editor: Thom Johnson

Last year, Kirill Tereshin risked his life injecting dangerous chemicals into his biceps to make them appear bigger.

The 22-year-old man, from Pyatigorsk, southwestern Russia, rose to fame in his native country, for his unbelievable large arms as a result of painful synthol injections.

The incredible Hulk-inspired man’s biceps measure an astonishing 61 centimetres round.

He is proud to be known locally as ‘Ruki Bazuki’ - comparing his abnormally large arms to bazookas - and despite all risks, Kirill intends to carry on injecting synthol oil into his muscles.

Kirill told Barcroft TV: “I was regularly going to the gym for two and a half years, I was eating six times per day.

“Then suddenly I thought that it shouldn’t be like that.

“It shouldn’t be such slow results during such a long time.

“I worked so hard, I should have become much bigger. I really should have been like Hulk.”

Kirill wanted fast results and he decided to try out synthol oil. Synthol is a site enhancement oil meant to create the illusion of a developed muscle. Kirill injected approximately six litres of synthol to both of his arms.

Kirill said that first injections were extremely painful, he couldn’t even bend his arms. He used big doses of synthol and injected it quickly, which had caused a lot of problems.

Sometimes because of synthol injections Kirill arms swell up and he can even suffer high temperature.

Kirill’s mother Irina Tereshina said: "He constantly has inflammations in his organism. From time to time he has a fever 38°C and more.

"Then it calms down for some time, then it happens again.”

Today Kirill’s biceps measure around 61 centimetres and he spent almost $8,000 on synthol injections.

Kirill said: “I want to look like Hulk. Not like a bodybuilder, but like Hulk, much bigger than a bodybuilder.”

He added: “This is the main goal of my life. I am not interested in anything else.”

Kirill rose to fame in Russia for his large arms and has attracted more than half of a million followers on Instagram.

He said: “People started to call me 'Bazooka-arms' when I started to upload pictures on the internet and people started to write in comments “Bazooka-arms”, they liked this name and everyone started calling me like that.”

Kirill admitted that his mother is worried about her son’s health and hopes that synthol can be removed from his arms.

Irina said: “I worry about it very much. Every day I pray to God for his health.

“I saw that he started to do this stuff.

“His arms started to become bigger.

“He was doing all this when I was not there, when I was at work.

“Now he probably regrets about it, he definitely regrets that he didn’t think enough before doing it.”

Despite what he has put his body through, Kirill said that he is still not happy about his appearance: “I am not happy with the shape of my arms, I am not happy with the shape of my shoulders, I am not happy with the shape of my chest, I am not happy with the shape of my trapezius, I am not happy with the shape of all my body build.

“I see that there are no proportional sizes that I want to have.”

He admits that his life change a lot since he started injecting his arms with dangerous chemicals.

Kirill said: “My life used to be boring before. My hobby was play computer games, that’s it.

“But after this I got a lot of motivation, I became a more opened person, I started to resolve problems.

"I learned how to talk to people correctly for them not to trick me or something like that. So it influenced me very much.

“My life has changed completely.”

Kirill wants to continue modifying himself because he believes that only then people will be interested in him. He says he want to continue injecting synthol despite it made him ill.