By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

INTRODUCING the 21st Century witch who casts spells to earn more money, find love and have better sex

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Videographer / director: Sara Cornthwaite
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
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INTRODUCING the 21st Century witch who casts spells to earn more money, find love and have better sex. 

Sabrina Scott is a design teacher and self-proclaimed witch living in Toronto, Canada.

The 27-year-old has been practicing spiritualism from the age of seven, encouraged by one of her parents. 

Sabrina told Barcroft TV: "I got into witchcraft at an really, really early age and I was living in the suburbs in middle America’s - no fun - and I was looking for a way to connect with my environment and witchcraft helped me do that.”

Sabrina’s spiritualist upbringing involved attending events such as tarot reading and table tipping.

She said: “My earliest memory of spiritualism, or my most potent memory of spiritualism, is going to a really successful table tipping.

"Table tipping is when a bunch of mediums chill around a big heavy wooden table. People start singing and then the table starts moving. 

“That’s a manifestation of the spirit taking on a physical movement. I think that’s really healthy seeing something like that from such a young age.”

Despite lacking a wand, the millennial witch does cast spells, or rather, rituals, using herbs, candles and flowers.

Using effigies and specific coloured candles, Sabrina performs the rituals for money, love and even sex - she claims with positive results. 

“One ritual that I have done that worked really well was a money ritual, I guess it’s a bit crude to say but I have done it,” she said. 

"It works, it’s fun, you light a candle you put your vibes in it and the world does what it needs to do and yeah its been solid. You get surprises in the mail and be like 'ohh money great!’

"I have also done banishing rituals for people who were very harmful to me and those came to pass in a very obvious way pretty quickly, I would say in a way that made sure I was able to continue to be safe.”

And Sabrina is not adverse to using a bit of magic to improve her sex life either, using genitalia-shaped candles. 

She said: “Sex magic - everyone does it. If you’re hoping to have more sex in your life, some genital candles would be a really good thing to use. I think there are vagina ones too.”  

It has been widely reported that the use of witchcraft in young women is on the rise, with many celebrities joining the practice - such as Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray.

Hashtags on Instagram such as #witchesofinstagram, which brings up over one million image results, highlight the popularity of the occult on social media. 

Sabrina said: "I really love the witchy community on Instagram, there are a lot of hashtags now.

"I find a lot of inspiration on there, as people post pictures of their altars. It’s really beautiful the way that they set up their candles, different colours, the type of candles and the herbs they use. I’m still learning from different people’s practices"

Unsurprisingly, Sabrina’s favourite day of the year is Halloween, however instead of joining in the festivities with friends she stays alone at home to communicate with the dead and her ancestors. 

She said: “For me it’s really a moment where I give a lot of gratitude and have some silence and just try to listen rather than just speak. I’ll cook for myself and also like leave plates out for the dead.

"I would never dress up in a stereotypical witch costume for Halloween, I don’t wear stripy socks I don’t think they are cute at all.”

When she was younger, the 27-year-old was compared to a very popular TV witch with the same name.

She said: "I tried to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but I couldn’t get into it. When you grow up with everyone making fun of you, I just couldn’t get into it. 

“There was so much animosity where I lived towards people who were ‘witchy.’"

The spiritualist has written a book on life as a witch, and even teaches witchcraft - noticing that its popularity has risen within female millennials within the last few years.

She said: “My book is called ‘Witch Body.’ It’s an autobiography about witchcraft and magic and all that fun stuff. 

“Right now witchcraft is kind of getting its moment in the spotlight, which happens about every 10 to 15 years. It seems to be popular for young women specifically.

"I do think that more millennials will continue to be attracted to witchcraft and the reason I think that is when I see teaching, especially in a university context, a lot of the younger generation are very into the political issues and they are very open about what is happening with marginalised communities

"I think it’s only natural that there will also be an attraction to things like witchcraft and magic, spirituality.”