By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

AN ARTIST creates photorealistic portraits, galaxies and intricate meals using nothing but salt

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Videographer / director: Bashir Sultani
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne

This tasty hamburger won't taste anywhere near as good as it looks

Using salt he dyes himself, Bashir Sultani spends up to five hours creating each of his masterpieces.

Sultani shrinks a galaxy to the size of a photograph using his rainbow salt shakers

His pieces can use between 10 and 20 full salt shakers and, since he started experimenting with salt, he has taken over 100 time lapses of his creations for his YouTube channel.

One of Bashir's most difficult portraits was this intricate salt portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the artist’s specialities is creating realistic meals out of salt, including a tray of sushi, a fresh trout and a delicious looking burger.

Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory looks surprised as Bashir adds the final touches

He has also shaken out portraits of Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from the hit series Breaking Bad.

Spongebob Squarepants gives the artist a big thumbs up

Other creations include a stunning portrait of two grateful koi fish, Spongebob Squarepants and Dory from Finding Nemo.

Two vividly coloured koi fish swim toward each other in this salt portrait

But the artist’s favourite pieces are his salt galaxies, which bring outer space to the dinner table in shades of blue, purple, yellow and white salt.

The artist destroys each piece almost immediately after completing it

Although the artist can spend hours on each of his creations, the beautiful portraits are always destroyed within minutes, only preserved on video.