By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

A SEA LION hops on board the back of a boat for a spot of supper

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Videographer / Director: Frankie Grant
Producer: Rebecca Lewis
Editor: Sonia Estal

The sea lion jumps onto the back of the boat

The hungry marine mammal followed the boat as it headed back to Cabo, San Lucas, in Mexico.

The male animal spotted an easy meal as 26-year-old scuba instructor Frankie Grant waved a live bait fish for him.

And the sea lion seemed happy to be fed as Frankie dropped the meal into its mouth.

Frankie Grant, 26, feed the hungry marine mammal by hand

The 40-strong colony of local sea lions includes five mammals that are brave enough to be fed by humans

Meal for one? The sea lion peeks over the side of the boat

He said: “I am pretty used to this behaviour. Here at the entrance of the marina we see it almost daily as the conditions here are just ideal for sea lion feeding.

An unnamed man feeds on the sea lions as the boat docks in the marina

“He was following in behind the boat. I waved a fish and he hopped right on the back waiting to get fed.

The hungry sea lions are a delight for tourists

“They’re very friendly animals. When you see them underwater scuba diving they are very playful.

A sea lion follows a boat in hope of a free and easy meal

They are very curious of humans and they’ll come and blow bubbles in your face.”

Although Frankie is used to sea lions hopping onto the boat, he was amazed to see the animal so comfortable with those on board.

A sea lion and birds queue for a bite to eat

He said: “I was honestly very surprised that he stayed there for as long as he did. He stayed on the boat for a minute or so, just eying us, eying what was going on.”

At least five local sea lions are bold enough to take food from humans in Cabo San Lucas

But after the brief feeding session, the seal lion seemed irritated that Frankie had run out of food – and even peered into the bucket to check.

Frankie says he sees at least five sea lions hopping onto the boats

He said: “You can actually see on the video that even though I told him, ‘hey no there’s no more fish here’, he wanted to see for himself and he actually leaned in and put his eye over the bait bucket to make sure that there was no fish left for him to eat.

“They are very, very intelligent creatures.”