By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

TINY Stormtroopers and a mini Darth Vader are captured doing everyday activities - from taking a bath to wrapping presents

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A scout trooper plays in the grass with a AT-RT walker

Have you ever wondered what the Star Wars stormtroopers get up to when they aren’t protecting the Galactic Empire?

A little privacy please: Two storm troopers sit back and relax!

Counting down the days till the release of the new Star Wars film Rogue One, we have been given exclusive access to the daily lives of some infamous Star Wars villains.

Walkies for the walker!

Scottish Artist and Photographer, David Giliver created these light-hearted scenes over a period of two years using toys and miniature props.

Didn't you know that Darth Vader is a part time optometrist?

This insight of the cast’s everyday activities shows us that they are just like regular people - from lazing on the sofa at home to having a relaxing bath.

Luke...I have felt your presents

Darth Vader even makes his cameo appearance; during his part time job as an optician, and celebrating the festive season with his pet AT-AT Walker.

David said: “I first photographed Star Wars figures during my Fine Art Photography degree at the Glasgow School of Art.

An AT-AT is not just for Christmas

“I got told off by my tutors, probably because they felt the work was silly and devoid of any real meaning.

“And so I have felt for many years like I have some unfinished business with the Star Wars toys, and so I have found this self-imposed photography project rather cathartic which is nice.”

Meanwhile, in the nursery

David has been an avid fan of Star Wars since the early 80s, as a young five-year-old.

Now 32, the artist is anticipating the release of the new film, which hits cinemas on Friday 16 December.


He said: “I am not counting the days down ‘til Christmas…Instead I am counting the days down until Rogue One is released!”

Feeding time!

David Gilliver’s limited edition framed Star Wars works are available to purchase via