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FLUFFY cats shake their tails in hilarious portraits for a slow-motion photo book

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Dozens of furry felines pull bizarre, funny faces as they shiver and shake in the unusual images.

Using a camera with a rapid frame rate, Carli Davidson, from Oregon, captures an explosion of fur and spit in the detailed photographs. 

Jaz sticks her tongue out as fur and spit flies into the air

The pictures are the latest in Carli’s ‘Shake’ series, and capture the amusing expressions that every pet-owner will recognise.

The 34-year-old photographer, who owns a dog, Saul, and cat, Yushi, with her partner Tim, first started taking pictures of shaking animals in 2011.

Who's a pretty girl? Lorax's mouth looks deformed as she shakes

She captured freeze-frame photos of dogs and puppies shaking water from their sopping fur – resulting in adorable images that transformed pets into unrecognisable creatures.

‘Shaking Cats’, on sale November 5th, is her latest follow-up in the series and sees many rescue cats star as the main attraction.

The chosen 100 moggies were placed on a table and kept warm under studio lights.

Shake it off: Aywa whips her fluffy fur back and forth

Famously, cats despise water so Carli chose to have two animal care technicians on hand to give them a well-needed ear cleaning and nail trim to capture their shakes.

Once the grooming had finished the cats would fidget and shake their fur – allowing Carli to get her perfect shot.

Tabby, ginger and hairless cats whipped their heads from side to side and their slack jaws released spit into the air.

All shook up! Katie, a Calico cat, flicks water from her ears into the air

Surprisingly, the cats were more than happy to be poked, prodded and photographed for the camera.

Carli said: “I shot many of the cats on a tabletop to keep them in one general place since cats move around a lot, it was always low enough for them to safely jump off of but they tended to like the warmth of the modelling lights so many of them just hung around the table.

What's this? An adorable kitten looks perturbed by the grooming

“While the dogs seemed more aware of the lights and wanted to explore - and occasionally mark - the studio, the cats were much happier to stay in one place, or our laps, or they would find a little spot on a shelf to make space for themselves.”

Davidson, who has experience in animal training, once nursed a two-legged abused puppy back to health and is an avid supporter of local rescue centres.

Hairless cat Binx throws spit from her mouth

The kind-hearted photographer snapped ‘normal’ portraits of the cats for the rescue websites before doing the Shake photo.

And now many of the cats have been adopted and placed with loving homes.

The amusing pictures capture cats mid-motion as they shake their body

 Carli said: “I am a huge supporter of adopting older pets and live with a nine-year-old dog and a 13-year-old cat.

“I believe that animal rescue is a revolutionary act of love, and I want that energy reflected in my work.

Feline shaky... Many of the cats were rescues and were adopted soon after the shoot

“When you rescue you are creating space and empathizing with another being that needs the same things we all need to feel safe, shelter, food, affection, and patience.

“Simply put you save a life, you are that animal’s hero.

“Cats exemplify one of the things that is totally great about the Internet.


Shaking paw all over: Katie is captured for the camera mid shake

"They are healers, I mean if your friend is having a bad day, sending a picture or video of an Internet icon like Lil Bub, Grumpy cat, or pretty much any cat doing something funny it becomes a source of humour, comfort and connection.”

Carli Davidson’s book ‘Shake Cats’ is on sale from November 5th (£12.99) and is available here: To watch a video of the Shaking Cats visit

He's in a cat flap! Quincy shakes water from his long fur