By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

UNSETTLING video footage shows a shark prowling in the BACKYARD of one stunned Florida resident’s home

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Videographer / Director: Dick Frey
Producer: Samantha Grillo, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Too close to home: A bull shark swims just outside a Florida resident's home in Bonita Springs

Dick Frey, 69, shot the frightening footage two weeks ago from his home in Bonita Springs. 

In the video, the nine foot bull shark is spotted swimming close to the docks through the channel just outside his building.

Shark sightings are common in Bonita Springs, which is located just off the Gulf of Mexico

Dick said: “Shark sightings are a frequent thing this year because of the influx of kids fishing and chumming. 

“It’s opened up a lot of eyes to the shark problem - it’s too close to home.”

Dick hopes that the shocking video footage might bring reform to the chumming and shark fishing laws in his neighborhood.

The bull shark swimming in shallow waters behind Dick Frey's home in Bonita Springs

He said: “Once you feed a wild animal it hangs around and we’re seeing more and more of them.

“I initially saw a report on the news of two sharks swimming in the surf while people were just hanging out on the beach.

Shark sightings are on the rise this year due to tourists and residents chumming and baiting

"I wanted to share this footage because it’s too close for comfort - the video is telling.

An aerial view of Bonita Springs, Florida, where the bull shark was spotted

“The city of Bonita Springs said they can’t do anything and that the residents have to go to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

An aerial view of Bonita Springs, Florida, where the bull shark was spotted

“The main thing is people shouldn’t be shark fishing in waters where children are swimming - that’s my mission with this video.”