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A MAN who is only 23 INCHES TALL and weighs 15lbs is being worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu god

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Manpreet Singh is 21-years-old and only 23 inches tall

Manpreet Singh is 21-years-old and is the same height and weight as a six month old baby and is believed to be one of the smallest people in the world.

Since the age of 12, he has been worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu god by the local villagers and people visit him every day to be blessed.

Mother Manjeet says that her son stopped growing when he was six months old

The young man from Punjab, India was born a healthy baby boy but his parents Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur say his growth stopped when he was six months old.

Doctors have never examined Manpreet properly as his family have never been able to afford medical treatment.

Local people believe that Manpreet is a reincarnation of a Hindu god

Jagtar said: “We don’t have money to pay for his treatment. We have taken him to many doctors since his birth but around 5-7 doctors told us that he is suffering from thyroid and he can be treated.

"But we have given him a lot of medicines and there is no difference.”

The family have been unable to afford medical treatment to diagnose Manpreet

Tiny Manpreet is unable to talk and walk - he stopped moving his legs when he was three.

But the man brings joy to his fellow villagers.

Manpreet is unable to walk or talk - just like a baby
His 19-year-old sister cares for Manpreet

Mum Manjeet Kaur said: “Among his relatives, as well as those who come from outside, he is considered to be like a god. Whoever he blesses will get their wish fulfilled.

“People don’t bully my son for being short. We don’t feel bad about him. We all worship him. People love him a lot. People come to worship him everyday.”

A local doctor believes Manpreet's condition is caused by a thyroid

Manpreet has two siblings, who are both of normal height. His 19-year-old sister Jaspreet stays home to take care of him.

The family claims that Manpreet is one of the shortest men alive and they want him to become famous so that they can get enough money for his treatment.

Manpreet's family claim he is one of the shortest people alive
The family want to raise money for treatment

His dad said: "We have consulted a lot of doctors but they also don’t have any hope. But if by any chance there is a possibility, I could not be happier."

Doctor Hemraj, a local practitioner, takes care of Manpreet and believes the rare condition and has something to do with the thyroid.

Manpreet's father Jagtar says he 'couldn't be happier' at the possibility of Manpreet being treated

He said: "People come to me who are suffering from fever or a cold, I take care of them. But this is a different case, I have seen it for the very first time.

“Today science has developed so much that nothing is impossible. His treatment is also possible."