By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy is dedicating his days to becoming the best basketball player around and already has his heart set on the NBA

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Videographer / director: Brett McGinnes
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

Six-year-old Jeremiah Jr has been playing basketball since he was two

Jeremiah Barjolo Jr has been playing basketball since he was two-years-old, with his dad teaching him how to bounce a ball with a tennis ball.

The family from Pennsylvania operate a no-days-off policy and come rain, shine or snow - basketball comes first.

Jeremiah Jr said: “I practice in the snow, I practice in the snow, everywhere, whatever weather.”

His dad Jeremiah Snr coaches his son every day after school

Sports runs in little Jeremiah’s veins. His dad, Jeremiah Barjolo Snr, was a basketball star at college and his mum, Dorothy competed in tennis - even his grandmother was a professional tennis player in Hungary.

Jeremiah’s two-year-old sister is also a showing a talent for tennis.

The young star trains whatever the weather - he'll never miss a session

Jeremiah Barjolo Snr said: “I started working with Jeremiah when he was two-years-old and we started in the kitchen just dribbling tennis balls just to get the feeling of it. Then we’d do two tennis balls to get the feel of it. When he mastered it we moved onto the basketball and moved up little by little."

Dorothy said: “Little Jeremiah, he gets home from school he goes with big Jeremiah to basketball practice every single day. It’s usually from 5 o’clock or so and they usually don’t come home till 8:30 or 9 most days.

When he grows up, Jeremiah hopes to be a NBA star

"Sport has always been a big part of our lives, it’s so much fun watching them pick up a new school. We enjoy it, we have a lot for fun with them.

“Evita is already playing tennis now, she’s been playing on and off for probably about six months or so, but the last couple of months we made it a no days off policy for her as well.

Jeremiah Jr's family are all talented in sports, including his two-year-old sister

“She practices everyday after basketball practice, if it’s not me Jeremiah will take her to the court and she’ll hit some tennis balls around.

“She loves it so far, so can’t complain!”

Jeremiah’s dad is well equipped to train Jeremiah Jr up with his own basketball coaching school, where he teaches children of all ages, but his star pupil gets particular attention.

The youngster said: "I practice in the snow, I practice in the snow, everywhere, whatever weather”

He said: “We do a lot of footwork, some dancing drills because I want him to have rhythm when he moves the basketball. We try to mix it up as much as we can.”

At six, Jeremiah Jr is already building up his trophy collection competing in local competitions and he is dribbling circles around players in their teens.

Jeremiah Jr is a proud owner of a large collection of basketball trophies

Dorothy said: “He’s so amazing, nothing surprises me anymore.”