By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

BALANCING on a 2cm elastic strap, the best tightrope walkers in the world show off their skills at an altitude of 2000m

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Hundreds of tight rope walkers come to the alps to test their balance

Over the breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, Winter Festislack is an event held by ski resort, Les Arcs, in the French Alps.

Every March through to April, hundreds of highliners gather to test their balance and composure as they walk across slacklines dozens of feet high.

There are many slack lines at different heights

French photographer Fred Marie captured this year’s Festislack, and has been doing so for many years.

Luckily the highliners have safety harnesses

He said: "I started shooting slackline five years ago in France with a pyrenaline team. It's a fascinating sport, where you can meet very interesting people.

Certain competitors dress up for the event

"It's also an excuse to be on a mountain environment and take pictures on a cliff."

Some competitors use the slacklines for gymnastics

Despite a fall from the slackline appearing life threatening, most tightrope-walkers wear harnesses to ensure they are not injured.

Certain outfits are a little unsuitable for the freezing conditions

But, incredibly, some choose not to.

The photographer said: “Some people walk on the highline without safety, it's call 'free solo' and it's very dangerous!”

Photographer Fred Marie has been snapping the tightrope walkers for over 5 years

Fred Marie is familiar with photographing extreme sports, and aims to convey the stories of the people in his pictures.

The competitors have impeccable balance and composure

He said: "With my work, I try to tell the story of interesting people, not only to show action pictures or spectacular scenes.”