By Samantha Grillo @samanthagrillo

A SNAIL hitches a ride on a patient frog’s back in hilarious photos snapped in Indonesia

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You've got snail: The patient amphibian endures the snails passage

The photos show a frog sitting completely still on a twig while a the cheeky hitchhiker slides to the top of its head.

Pony snail: The snail slithers down his companion's back

In one photo the snail appears to look down for approval before continuing on is journey.

The frog seems unbothered as it poses for the camera
Shell suit: The snail covers the frog as he passes

Unbothered by the snail’s presence, the frog smiles for the camera.

The frog remained still during the encounter

Graphic designer Kurit Afsheen, 34, snapped these photos while visiting relatives in Sukabumi.

Graphic designer Kurit Afsheen snapped these photos while visiting relatives in Sukabumi
Best buds: The pair remain still for about 12 minutes as Kurit snaps the photos

“My guess is that the snail wanted to go higher up for a better view. 

“When I show people these photos it makes them happy and they laugh - it was a funny moment."