By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

SOCIAL media has inspired one influencer to transform his face in an effort to recreate the look of Instagram photo filters

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Videographer / director: Sam Miles

Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote

Editor: Beth Angus


Levi Jed Murphy recently underwent a lip lift, temporal brow lift, and Canthoplasty to alter the shape of his eyes and bring him closer to the ideal Instagram look he covets.

Originally from Norwich, the young social media star moved to London to be with his boyfriend last year and has recently unveiled his new look to his hundreds of thousands of followers.

The 23-year-old, who also gets fillers regularly and previously had Rhinoplasty, told Barcroft TV: “Instagram had a filter that made your face look like plastic surgery. When you’re about to take a picture and the filter comes off and you see the actual face, it’s kind of busted.

“The filter lifted up your eyes and your lip, so I thought ‘this is literally an eye lift and lip lift’ and I got an eye lift and lip lift.

“I decided to get the surgery because I just have a lot of insecurities all the time. So I think if I can fix that, I might as well.”

Levi, who has spent around £20,000 on procedures, says he doesn’t regret any of the work he’s had done and will continue to have surgery regardless of any negative feedback he receives.

And having racked up 50,000 followers on Twitter and more than 500,000 followers on Facebook, there was plenty of opinions directed his way once Levi unveiled his latest transformation.

He said: “When I first got my surgery I liked to broadcast on social media so people can follow my journey, but a lot of people were commenting on my stuff when I was uploading pictures of me with a bruised swollen face. They were like ‘what the hell have you done to yourself?’ 

“There’s very horrible comments but I really don't listen to bad comments necessarily because I'm kind of used to that after having a social media following for quite a while.”

The young Londoner has been active on social media since he was 15, and has grown somewhat immune to the negativity and judgement.

Boyfriend, Cameron, said: “There's definitely been equal positive feedback as well people often commenting saying that he ruined his face or he looked better before or that he just looks fake now.

“To see Levi get attacked for his surgeries does make me a little bit angry when I see the comments under his pictures. 

“A lot of them are just purposely negative and some of them border on quite hateful. It takes a lot of willpower for me not to reply to them individually.”

Despite the judgement, Levi maintains that social media is a good thing, and remains grateful that he’s been able to use it to reach so many people.

“I definitely feel like social media has had a massive impact on how people think about their appearance,” he said.

“Seeing so many people that are obviously models and stunning, people are more insecure about themselves.

“And it’s the same with the Instagram filter; people do see this is what you could look like if you had surgery.

“But I feel like social media is a good thing. I might be saying that just because my job is social media, so I'm very thankful it’s there, but I can see why it has negative impacts on a lot of people.”

But it’s not just social media that has influenced Levi to change his appearance. As a teen he dealt with ongoing insecurity about his nose.

“I've always been paranoid that I've got a big nose,” he said. ”I thought once I had the money, I might as well just change it. 

“When you are recovering in a hotel for 10 days, all swollen and bruised, it's like ‘I don’t know if this was worth it.

“But each time, I have been happy, so I definitely would go for it again. I think it’s worth it.”

Cameron added: “During the nose recovery that was a little bit scary because his whole face was bruised up and the strong painkillers he was on made him very out of it.

“There was a worry that if he didn't get the end result he wanted that it was a big waste of money.”

Gruelling recoveries aside, Levi says all his procedures have been worth it and he has a list of further surgeries he wants in the future.

As well as a Brazilian butt-lift, he is hoping to get a second nose job as well as fat pads in his cheeks to make his fillers more permanent. 

On top of that he is hoping to have his ears pinned back and will soon be having work done on his teeth.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm addicted to surgery because I definitely could stop,” he said. “I just enjoy getting surgery and like the results.”

After getting his facial surgery, Levi recently returned to Norwich to show his mum, Tracey, for the first time.

And while Tracey always loved her sons’ face as it was, she accepts his desire to change his look – even if she isn’t entirely happy with it.

She said: “The surgery Levi’s had to change his eyes, I was not happy with at all because I didn't think he needed that, and I still think he's mad for having it done.

“I like his fillers, they suit him. The eye surgery that Levi’s had is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I can’t say I'm happy with him having it done.

“It’s just a surprise because obviously when he was a child I didn’t think for one minute he’d grow up wanting all these surgeries and fillers.

“I'd rather Levi didn't get any more surgery to be honest. But he's got his own mind so if he wants it done he'll have it done.”

For now, Levi is focused on making more videos for his followers and continuing to transform his appearance – even if his loved ones accept him the way he is.

Cameron said: “I don't necessarily know if Levi will ever be completely happy with how he looks. I don't really think anyone is ever completely happy with how they look. 

“Personally, I would say it’s more important to find the happiness within yourself first and then work on your outer appearance if that's what it is.

“For some people obviously the happiness within will only come when they feel that they are outwardly attractive by society's measurements. In which case, good for them.”

Levi’s internal happiness certainly seems to gain a boost from changing his outward appearance, which ultimately equals a positive for the young influencer, who manages to maintain a fairly level-headed view of the whole experience.

“When I look back on pictures of me before I had any surgery, I look completely different,” he said. “It does not even look like me, so I guess I feel thankful that I feel like I've improved myself.

“I wouldn't necessarily say I was striving for perfection because I know that a lot of people will look at me and not find me insanely attractive and some people might think I'm not unattractive. 

“It's more like something that I'm happy with. I'm not even necessarily saying I'm completely improving myself but I'm happy with my appearance.”