By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

MAJESTIC stingrays glide through crystal blue waters in stunning underwater split-shots

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Close encounter: The stingrays got up close and personal with the tourists

Images show the beautiful creatures grazing tourists' feet below the sea's surface. 

London based photographer Jennifer Stock, 33, took these radiant photos while snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.

Dressed For Adventure: A bride and groom swimming with stingray at the Sandbar diving site

She snapped more than 2,000 shots of the sea creatures at the Sandbar, Grand Cayman and Stingray City diving spot. 

Jennifer said: “The Sandbar is truly magical - I wanted to capture the stingrays with as many different techniques and in as many different positions I could think of. 

“On the day of the shoot I was blessed with blue skies and crystal clear water.

Beautiful scene: A stingray swims through crystal clear water
Swimming in pairs: It takes two to tango

“This enabled me to capture the dancing sunbeams which are focused by the waves and play across the golden sand. 

“Shots like "Dappled Light" demonstrate the beautiful conditions and how peaceful the place is.”

The Sandbar allows snorkeling only, so midway through the shoot Jennifer decided to travel to another location to dive with the stingrays.

Tranquil scenes: People standing among the stingrays

She said: “At lunch I eagerly jumped on the boat seen in the shot “Places To Go” so I could actually dive with these amazing creatures. 

“Diving with them is a completely different experience, at depth you witness them soaring overhead - as seen in “Stingray City 2.

Calm waters: A boat is seen moving across the surface of the water

“After some fantastic fun at this location I jumped back on the boat and went back to the Sandbar - I couldn’t get enough of this place.” 

Just when Jennifer was ready to pack up her gear she was given another amazing photo opportunity.

Camouflaged: A stingray glides just above the sand

She said: “I felt like I had exhausted every possible Southern Stingray idea I had in my brain when suddenly a newlywed couple arrived - the bride still in her wedding dress.

“I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a great split shot so back in the water I went.

Deep pictures: The photographer captures a shot from below

“In “Dressed For Adventure” you can see the couple march confidently towards rays hand in hand.” 

Tourists were also snapped curiously walking up to the stingrays.

Swim with the fishes: One of the stingrays has company

Jennifer said: “With such wondrous beasts underwater it’s not surprising that people come from all around the world to see them. 

“I arrived early and witnessed many tourists come and go and heard delighted shrieks all around.” 

Large animals: Stingrays can grow up to three metres wide