By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A FEARLESS photographer has dedicated his life to chasing storms after a tornado almost killed him on the way to his high school prom in 1993

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Heaven's Gate: A brooding storm drifts over an idyllic looking field

Kansas native Brian Barnes, 39, was raised in the beating heart of North America's 'Tornado Alley' - and was also struck by lightning as a teenager.

Taken by tour guide Brian in Colorado, these incredible pictures show huge tornadoes and giant supercell storms - one of the most powerful weather formations found over land.

Heaven's above: Brian snaps an elaborate storm cloud formation

Also known as rotating thunderstorms, supercells can produce winds over 100mph and can uproot trees and obliterate buildings.

Brian, who runs an extreme weather tour company, captured these images in June 2015, and was intimately acquainted with ferocious storms from a young age.

A beautiful rainbow appears after a huge storm has ravaged the Colorado sky
A tornado reaches down to the earth from a colossal supercell which engulfs the sky

He said: “When I was 10, a tornado came through our property and snapped the trees outside our underground shelter like toothpicks.

“However, my magnetism to severe storms did not evolve without risk - I was struck by lightning while watching a thunderstorm outside my childhood home when I was 17.

Twister: A giant tornado destroys everything in its path

“I was also nearly killed by a huge F4 tornado in eastern Oklahoma in 1993, the night of my high school prom - I think it was that day that I made a decision to learn about storms and refuse to live my life in fear of anything.”

Highway to hail: A torrential storm covers a road with giant hail stones

The severe weather enthusiast insists that taking part in a storm chase is educational and that the risks can be minimised. 

He said: “We don't get into positions that puts our group in danger - most of these photos were taken at a distance of 3 to 10 miles from the tornadoes.

Photographer Brian Barnes (second R) poses with a group of fellow extreme weather fans in front of a storm

“If you go on a storm chasing tour, at least our storm chasing tours, you're going to learn a lot about tornadoes, supercells and severe weather.

“We love the adventure, but we're really out there to teach people about severe storms - one group at a time.”

The haunting image of a massive twister breaking through the tortured grey sky