By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

THE year 2017 has been an intense year for storms, especially across the USA, as this veteran storm chaser’s archive shows

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Videographer / director: Jason Weingart
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Thom Johnson

Jason Weingart has been an avid storm chaser since 2009, but 2017 has been a particularly challenging year, especially due to the hurricanes that have devastated various countries.

Between April and May, Jason witnessed an incredible 14 tornadoes as he chased storm after storm.

Weingart said: “The most memorable storm of the year was the swarm of tornadoes that occurred on April 29th near Canton, Texas.

“It was one of those days that looked very marginal in the morning but as the day progressed, everything came together to create a prolific localized tornado outbreak.”

In the month of May, the storm chaser saw a supercell in New Mexico, a mesocyclone in Colorado and some breathtaking lightning in Oklahoma.

Hurricane Harvey, which formed on August 17 and dissipated on September 3, hit Texas and Louisiana with devastating effect and caused billions of dollars worth of damage.

Weingart attempted to follow Harvey’s path but struggled to keep up with seemingly unstoppable storm.

He said: “Chasing Hurricane Harvey was especially difficult. It was just one of those storms that never ended.

"Intercepting the eyewall of a Category 4 hurricane was intense, but nothing prepared me for assisting in high water rescues in Houston.

“Venturing into those flood waters was the scariest moment of my life. Way worse than any tornado I have seem, including the largest in recorded history.”

Although 2017 has been a tough year in storm chasing, Jason has also seen some stunning displays of nature’s fiercest weather.

He said: “My favourite timelapse is the mammatus clouds on June 13th in O'Neill, Nebraska.

“It was an especially tough chase day, very long drive. We called it quits a few hours before as storms were congealing into a line and the tornado threat was diminished.

“We noticed the mammatus, barely visible lit by the bright sun, but once the sun got near the horizon, the true beauty of the sky was revealed.

“It was a perfect scene; no danger, no fear. Just cameras and an incredible sky, to me that's what storm chasing is all about.”