By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

ARTISTS from around the world are leaving their mark on the streets of Brooklyn in the form of street art

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Graffiti artists from around the world have been using the walls of Bushwick as their canvas

For the past five years Bushwick, Brooklyn, has been transformed into a paradise for graffiti artists as they’ve been given free reign to flex their creative muscles.

The idea of the Bushwick collective came from local, Joseph Ficalora

The collection of murals and graffiti art make up what is known as the Bushwick collective, an outdoor gallery showcasing the talent of the newest and best street artists from around the world.

Many of the murals show off the varied creativity and influences of the individual artists

In 2012 the idea was first conceived by Bushwick native and art lover Joseph Ficalora who wanted to brighten up the streets of the traditionally working class neighbourhood.

The street art has helped to reinvent the area which was notorious for crime

After contacting numerous street artists online Joseph was inundated with replies from local as well as international artists.

Some of the paintings are political in nature while others are abstract

Considered to be the mecca of modern day graffiti by many; the streets of New York are no stranger to this unique form of street art.

New York is considered to be the mecca of modern graffiti as it started on the subway

Originating in the cities’ subway, the movement made its way above ground where many authorities regarded it as an act of vandalism however through the Bushwick collective it’s clear to see that the art form has now been fully embraced by the city.

Many of the pieces feature notable faces from New York City

Many of the pieces in the collection feature notable faces including some of New York’s most iconic people, such as the legendary Hip Hop star, the Notorious BIG.

Some of the pieces are even inspired by the local community in the form of the Latin American themed art which reflects the areas Spanish demographic.

Bushwick’s transformation from an area synonymous with crime to a haven of creativity reflects the change in Brooklyn which through gentrification has managed to reinvent itself.