By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

LIFE under and above the ocean is captured in these stunning landscape photos

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The perspective make the underwater sea life bigger than it is

A pelican rests on the surface of the water with a shoal of fish swimming below while sprawling coral is photographed beneath a fresh blue sky.

Deep blue sea: A scuba diver enjoys the serene waters of Bonaire Island in the Dutch Caribbean

In another photo a barracuda swims unexpectedly into the shot - and a gloomy night sky is framed by the walls of an underwater cave.

Through a fish bowl: The unusual pictures show life above and below sea

The breathtaking seascapes were captured by Italian photographer Lorenzo Mittiga, who has lived off the coast of Bonaire Island in the Dutch Caribbean for three years.

A shoal of tiny masbangoes swim below the surface as night falls in the Caribbean

He said: “My favourite shot is the one of the brown pelican, resting, floating on a masbangoes shoal. 

“It is calm and chaos.

Beneath the surface: Thousands of the tiny fish popular the water as the sun sets

“It took me ages to be able to get so close to the pelican with my fisheye lens on.

“The pelican was moving slightly away to keep at least 3m from me, not really interested in me but taking precaution.

Lorenzo uses a fish-eye lens to capture the incredible images

“It was hard to get this shot so I think it is unique.”

Calm: The stunning blue ocean looks tranquil underneath the night sky

Forty-five-year-old Lorenzo has had a passion for underwater photography since he was 18.

It is hard to believe that there is so much life beneath the water surface

He said: “I like contrasts - and what better than to show two different worlds?

It is hard to believe that there is so much life beneath the water surface

“It makes you feel like you are submerged into the picture, close to the subject.”

What lies beneath: The pelican seems oblivious to food below the surface

Bonaire Island is situated in the Caribbean Sea off the north coast of South America.

The sun sets below the clouds in the Caribbean

The series of photos has been captured over Lorenzo’s three year stay on the island with the most recent taken on May 16 this year.