By Nora Hakramaj

A TWELVE-year-old is showing the world his gravity-defying tricks in the hopes of landing a future career as a professional stunt double

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Videographer / director: Susan Tan
Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Trinity Lewis, from Phoenix, Arizona, began training at the age of three, inspired by the martial arts moves of his father Robert.

These days Trinity shares his impressive array of backflips, parkour tricks and balancing skills on his YouTube channel, which has racked up more than 17 million views.

Trinity told Barcroft TV: "I feel great when I am performing my stunts. While I am flipping it just feels like I am flying, like I am floating in the air.”

Every day the seventh grader trains with his father for at least an hour, running through a punishing training regime that includes backflipping off a unicycle, gymnastics and even martial arts.

“One of the more dangerous tricks can be the backflip off of the tall unicycle,” Trinity added,

"When I was younger I was the one that approached my dad about my training. I would watch my dad ride the unicycle so I wanted to try.

“In the beginning it was hard and after a while it got easier. My dad would hold my hand and spot me. After he thinks I am ready, he’ll let me try it by myself.”

After being inspired by his dad and martial arts movies, Trinity took it up a notch and began recreating what he saw on TV in real life.

Robert said: “My first reaction when Trinity showed me stunts was like ‘wow.’

"He impressed me with many of his tricks such as unicycling, juggling, skateboarding. All of his tricks are intense. It’s hard to pin one down.”

And while backflipping off trees requires you to be in peak physical shape, the father-son duo make sure to also work on Trinity's mindset in order to prevent an injury.

Robert said: “To prepare for his stunts I would warm up his body before every move. We work on a lot of flexibility and a lot of meditation so his mind is focused.

“If your mind is not focused, you can get hurt. Ninety percent of the training is mental. It is important he is in a nice state of mind, very peaceful, very calm and very focused because most accidents are caused by negative state of mind."

Trinity’s mum, Aiko Okano added: ”I don’t feel scared or nervous because I trust him. At the same time I see them training and going over a certain move over and over again until he feels confident.”

The 12-year-old’s YouTube channel has already built up a loyal fanbase, and Trinity is now hoping to one day to work as a professional stunt double.

Robert said, "I think he has what it has to take to be a stunt double on TV because what he does is so amazing for a twelve-year-old kid.

“Our purpose of making a YouTube channel is to show people we are limitless, we can be so limitless."
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