By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

CREEPY crawlies look almost extraterrestrial in a series of super macro images

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It's a bug's life: The critter curls its antennae

A cunning-looking jumping spider is captured in close-up, and a glistening assassin fly is speckled with water droplets.

Take me to your weeder: the intricate images give an extraterrestrial feel

The Indonesian bugs were photographed by 26-year-old paramedic Muhammad Roem.

Every detail is captured in the stunning images

He said: “I take some of my pictures in my studio with continuous light, and I take some on location using external flash.

Ghostly: A long horn beetle appears ghoulish

“I like taking picture of insects in the dark forest, because there are amazing coloured species.

Even the critter's hair follicles are visible in the detailed snaps

“My inspiration is from when I was young and I would see aliens on TV.”

Creepy crawly: A long horned beetle captured in stunning detail

The photos were taken on June 10 in Batam, in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia.

The multicoloured tones of a tiger beetle glisten under the lens

A prickly-looking black dwarf honey bee and a fuzzy caterpillar can also be seen in stunning detail.

Prickly: A martian-like tiger beetle

Mohammad, who lives in Batam, said: “After I take the pictures I feel amazing because I can see every detail in their eyes and body.”

A treehopper looking almost devilish
A fuzzy catapillar rocks the bed-hair look
Sweet: A black dwarf honey bee captured at a side-angle
An assassin fly glistening with water droplets