By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

AN Indian teenager has found a unique way to showcase his superhuman strength – by pulling two cars with his shoulder blades

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Teenager, Abhishek Choubey, has superhuman strength

Abhishek Choubey, 18 pulled the two cars with a rope tied to a wooden block that he held in place between his scapula.

Abhishek has earned notoriety and the nickname, ‘Steel Blades’ in his hometown for his incredible stunts.

In his hometown of Sagar, Abhishek has earned the nickname Steel Blades because of his unusual stunts

He said: “First I pulled a car weighing 2314 lbs for 27.5 meters. Then I attempted pulling two cars at a time and I did that as well.”

The teenager from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in central India claims to be the only boy who can pull two cars with his shoulder blades, and performed his latest stunt hoping to establish a world record.

The incredible feat of strength was the culmination of ten years of pulling heavy objects in this unique fashion.

The 18-year-old pulled two cars using his shoulder blades

Abhishek started pulling objects using his shoulder blades when he realized they were a different shape to all his friends’ scapula.

He explained: “I started pulling chairs and tables with my shoulder blades when I was eight.

“I realized there are many people who can pull heavy vehicles with ears and even hair, but I am the only one who can pull two cars at a time with my shoulder blades.”

Rope was attached to the cars and at the other end, a block of wood that Abhishek gripped with his shoulders

Abhishek attaches his towrope to a triangular piece of wood that was designed especially to fit between his scapula.

The wooden block was built by his dad, Avdesh Kumar Choubey.

Abhishek explained: “I used to get hooks from the market but they didn’t fit between my shoulder blades. My dad was happy with my stunts and designed a special hook for me as a gift.”

Abhishek's family say they are very proud of him

A friend of Abhishek’s attempted to pull a small chair with his shoulder blades but failed and had to consult a doctor after being injured.

Abhishek added: “It’s not everyone that can do this. My friend had to see a doctor after he attempted to pull a small chair. It needs a proper exercise. I exercise everyday for at least an hour.”

Choubey also uses his shoulder blades to crush dozens of biscuits.

Abhishek hopes his latest stunt will earn him a status of world record holder

Dad Avdesh Choubey is happy to see his son getting famous. He gives all his support to his son and wants him to continue his stunts.

Avdesh explained: “I wish that he gets into the Guinness Book of World Records. I am proud of him. I want him to continue his stunts and we also make sure he continues his studies.

“If he wishes to pull an airplane, we’d always support him. We know it’s not dangerous. We have consulted the doctors as well.”

Abhishek has been dragging objects with his shoulder blades for the last ten years
He realised that his shoulders were a different shape to his friends and families

Not surprisingly Abhishek’s mum, Saroj Choubey also believes her son is a star.

She said: “My son is making his name to the world record and that makes me extremely happy and proud.”