By John Balson @JJBALSON

A SURGERY obsessed model has had permanent implants placed in her eyes to make them ‘cartoon green’.

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Double vision: Pixee shows off her eyes after the first implant was injected into her iris

Pixee Fox, 26, hit headlines last year when she had six ribs removed as part of her dream to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure.

Now the former electrician - who’d already had 18 cosmetic procedures totalling £80,000 - has spent a further £4,100 on eye implants to further her 'cartoon dream’.

Pixee, who had blue eyes before, said: “This is something I have wanted since I was really young. I really wanted to have a different eye-colour.

Preliminary tests: Pixee, 26, is given an eye examination before the surgery commences

“I first heard about this surgery three years ago and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to have it. “The colour I’ve gone for is sea green. It’s really extreme and something that you couldn’t have naturally.

“It doesn’t worry me that it is permanent; that’s what I like about plastic surgery - the permanency of it.”

Before: Pixee's eyes were blue / green before the surgery that turned them 'cartoon' green

The procedure is not widely available for cosmetic use in most Western countries but is often used to correct iris abnormalities.

Instead Pixee opted to have it performed by Dr Suraj Munjal at the Spectra Eye Hospital in New Delhi, India.

The operation involved having two intraocular implants, made by US firm BrightOcular, inserted into her pupil through a 2.8mm incision. The implants come folded and are injected into the eye where they eventually rest.

New look: Pixee shows off her eyes after the second procedure in New Dehli, India
Old look: Pixee's eyes before she underwent the $6,000 procedure

The procedure takes 15 minutes per eye and is performed under local anaesthetic. It is permanent unless the patient undergoes another invasive operation.

The main risks are blurred vision from intraocular pressure or infections - though Dr Munjal says he has yet to encounter any problems. He said: “We have done around 70 to 80 eyes and by the grace of God all are doing fine.”

Sea green: Pixee chose the colour because it is 'the most fake looking'

Dr Munjal believes there are about eight people offering this surgery for cosmetic purposes around the world. After the operation, which took place in April, Pixee was able to take in some of the sights around New Delhi.

However, the ‘body-modification artist' ended up becoming the main attraction as hundreds followed her through the streets.

She said: “I thought I would be judged a lot more for my appearance but it has been the complete opposite and every has been really friendly and nice to me.

Top team: Pixee poses with a picture with the staff from the Spectra Eye Hospital in New Dehli, India

“It’s such a nice country and I definitely want to go back.” Surprised onlookers watched on as Pixee went shopping in Connaught Place, central New Delhi.

Among them was Vijay Raina. He said: “This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. She has a very skinny waist and then the body is broad. It’s a nice, attractive figure.”

Fellow onlooker Vishali Bhutan added: “Her look is very different from Indian ladies. It is unique.”

Cartoon dreams: Pixee has spent more than $125,000 achieving her extreme look
World record: In the future the Swedish model wants to reduce her waist to 14 inches and become the record holder for the world's smallest waist

Pixee, who is originally from near Stockholm, Sweden, has always been obsessed with cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World.

She says their curves and small waist to hip ratio represent the ideal female body.

Her 19 operations - some of which were paid for by fans - have helped take her measurements from 30-24-34 to an eye-watering 38-16-39.

Yet 5ft 4in Pixee is not done and plans to have custom butt and hip implants fitted in the summer - and then wants to break the world record for the smallest waist.

“The record right now is 15 inches and I want to go down to 14,” said Pixee, who has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Precise surgery: The intraocular implant made by US firm BrightOcular is injected into Pixee's eye

“But right now I need to recover from all the procedures. I’m just going to eat and be happy - but by the end of the year I am going to go for it.” The record holder for smallest waist is American Cathie Jung, 78.

Total list of Pixee’s surgeries to date:

2 Eye Implants - $6000 (£4,100)
3 Rib removal - $9,000 (£6,000)
4 Rhinoplasties - $19,000 (£12,600)
4 Breast augmentations (200cc, 525cc, 800cc, over 1400cc) - $40,000 (£26,500)
2 Liposuctions - $7,000 (£4,600)
2 Blepharoplasties - $8,000 (£5,300)
1 Labiaplasty - $5,000 (£3,300)
1 Brow lift - $3,200 (£2,200)
1 Butt lift - $12,000 (£8,000)
Cool-sculpting - $1,000 (£660)
Cheek injections - $7,500 (£5,000)
Lip injections - $7,500 (£5,000)

Total = $125,200 (£84,000)