By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A MILITARY jet takes passengers on a ride of a lifetime - right to the edge of space and into the stratosphere

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Videographer / director: MiGFlug
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Adventurers can jet up to 22 kilometres into the air in a MiG-29 jet in good weather

Since the retirement of Concorde turbojet in 2003, only the military has had access to flying faster than the speed of sound, but now Swiss company MiGFlug are offering adventurers the opportunity to fly higher and faster than ever before in a MiG-29 military jet.

In poorer weather conditions fliers are guaranteed to reach heights of 17 kilometres above earth

Customers can reach heights of up to 20-22 kilometres in good weather, and 17 kilometres is guaranteed for each flight - only astronauts can reach higher into the stars.

Customers perform a variety of daring manoeuvres on the descent, including rolls and vertical dives

While a commercial flight cruises at an average of ten metres per second, MiGFlug fliers climb into the sky at a rate of 330 metres per second.

Adventurers are given high altitude outfits, oxygen masks, a medical check up and training before they take off from Nizhny Novgorod airbase in Russia.

Swiss company MiGFlug have been running the flights for twelve years

Budding pilots can even control the jet on the descent and a wide range of daredevil manoeuvres are on offer - including rolls, breaking the sound barrier by flying at supersonic speed.

The flights used to be performed in a MiG-25 jet, which could climb to 25 kilometres, but after the jets became unavailable the MiG-29 took over.

Each flier wears a specially designed high altitude suit and an oxygen mask

MiGFlug representative Philipp Schaer said: “We tried to design a unique product that goes beyond acrobatics and supersonic flying.

“The so-called Edge of Space flight is something really special.

Satisfied customer Pauline wanted to reach the highest g-force possible on her flight

 “Customers can see the curvature of the Earth, surrounded by a thin blue layer, the atmosphere.

“The sky above is black and covered in countless stars, even in the day time.”

A fifty minute flight will set you back €16,500 - roughly ¢18,500

Each flier experiences an average G-force of 7.5g and customers can even try weightlessness.

Every customer will experience an average G-force of 7.5g during their flight

After twelve years of Edge of Space flights, MiGFlug remains one of the only companies worldwide to offer civilians the chance to break the sound barrier and fly at supersonic speed.

At the height of the flight the curvature of the earth can be seen clearly from the cockpit

At €16,500 per fifty minute flight - equivalent to almost $18,500 - the experience is not yet available to everyone, but it is the first step toward global space tourism.

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