By Chloe Sweet @_chloesweet

A COUPLE who practice tantra say that they have an “intimate” and sexual relationship with the Earth, and insist that others should too

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Videographer / director: Gerrit Messersmith
Producer: Chloe Sweet, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

Clarity Barton and her partner Sideon Inphinitri, from Toronto, describe themselves as a “conscious couple” who perform shamanic and tantric rituals to deepen their bond with each other and the environment.

Tantra is a spiritual philosophy and a set of practices which date back to the 7th century. Through meditation, yoga and rituals, people who practice tantra aim to experience heightened sexual energy and to reach a state of “awakening”.

Clarity, a 30-year-old tantric teacher, is also an “eco-sexual” – a term used to describe somebody who sees nature as sensual or erotic.

She told Barcroft TV: “For me, nature and sexuality is one and the same thing. Nature is very sexual.
“The reason to connect with nature sexually is to really reconnect with Mother Earth and really remember that we are a part of nature, that we are animals.

“I connect to Her intimately by worshiping Her and opening my heart to loving Her.”

Some of the more physical ways in which her and Sideon “connect” to nature is by caressing each other with flowers, swimming naked in cold water and massaging each other with clay. The couple also take substances - such as a cannabis which is legal in Toronto - in order to heighten their experiences.

Although they have only been in a relationship for only a few months, they’ve bonded over a number of tantric rituals together, some of which they do every day. These include worshipping their goddess Kali, and “honouring” the elements through a “blessing”.

Clarity also says that she does a ritual during her menstrual cycle, where she places her blood into the ground.

She said: “Menstrual blood is one of the most powerful substances on Earth. It has been used in rituals for a very, very long time.

“I really feel that energetically, that deep connection to the Earth when I do this ritual.”
The couple met when Sideon was walking through a forest and came across a group of women bathing naked in a river. Clarity was one of those women and she called Sideon in to join them. The have been "connecting" ever since.

Although Sideon has been practicing tantra for years, he is new to the idea of eco-sexuality. However, he agrees that society should take time to rekindle a relationship with Mother Earth and thinks sexuality plays an important part in this.

He told Barcroft TV: “There is a very natural and beautiful alchemy that takes place when we go back to our primal nature.

“Our sexual nature is kind of repressed because it is not fully embraced, and the Earth is something that us, as a civilisation, a global civilisation, we are increasingly disconnected from.

Despite this, Sideon says that the most effective way to rekindle your sexuality is to avoid masturbation altogether and to instead take part in tantric practices.

As well as being aligned with tantra and spirituality, eco-sexuality also serves as a political movement that encourages the public to respect the environment.

Clarity added: “We do have the potential to radically change and one of these practices that we can do is just being naked in nature when there’s no one around.

“Eco-sexuality is a strong statement politically because we are saying that, yes we belong to the earth. Yes we love mother earth. We connect to her very intimately.”