By Rafaela Kuznec @rafaelakuznec

DESPITE being born with a rare muscle weakness condition, a teenager has never let his condition hold him back and learnt how to use his feet as hands.

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Devin McLane, 15, was born with a rare muscle weakness condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC).

AMC is limited or absent movement around small and large joints and resulted in Devin having limited use of his arms as most of the muscles in his shoulders don’t work.

Devin, from Montana, has taught himself to use his feet as his arms and never let his condition hold him back.

Devin told Barcroft TV: “I’ve never really been able to use my arms so I do everything with my feet, my feet work just like your hands so I have all of the dexterity in my feet and not really in my hands.”

Despite his rare condition, Devin lives a very active lifestyle – he is a member of his school’s wrestling team and also pursues his passion for art.

“I've learned how to write, eat and cook with my feet. I've learned how to get dressed using my feet…. how to brush my teeth and do my hair with my feet.

“I do art with my feet and I love building with Legos, and I do that with my feet too,” he said.

The Montana teenager not only manages to do all household chores by himself but he can even fire a bow and arrow with his toes.

Devin said: “One thing that was challenging about me learning how to get dressed was that I don’t have use of my arms so I’d have to figure out how to use a hook or something, so that made it take a little longer for me to figure out how to do that independently without having to have my mum help me get something up or get something off.”

Devin’s mum, Michelle Eder-McLane, said that Devin has always been a very resilient kid and added: “The way Devin handles his disability is incredible.

“He's just a fighter, he's a go-getter.”

Asked to describe her son, Michelle said: “He's very determined to be independent, he wants to know everything and how it works.”

She continued: “Devin chooses to be independent. 

“He chooses to figure things out. 

“He is becoming such a wonderful young man. 

“He's determined and I truly don't think there's anything that Devin can't do.”

Devin has excelled in school and is pursuing his passion for art – he is working towards his goal to become an architect.

Devin said: “I've always loved building and then probably a couple of years ago, I heard the term architect.

“And then I figured out what that was, and ever since then, I want to be an architect.

“I love how you get to design stuff – there are no limits to it and you can build just these awesome massive structures that everyone gets to see and use.

“I want to get a degree in architectural design and to do commercial buildings that are ADA compliant and self-sustaining.”

Devin is also a part of the wrestling team at his school. 

He joined the High School wrestling team last year and since then wrestling became a big part of his life.

His friend, Treven Mertins, who is also Devin’s wrestling partner, said: “Devin puts up a fight.

“And I'd say it's a pretty hard fight to pin him. 

“I'm impressed with him. He's shown me a lot, he's definitely taught me [a lot].”

Describing Devin’s abilities as a wrestler, his coach Jonathan Foster told Barcroft TV: “There's no one else like him in the world.

“He's a resilient kid, he has the ability to just keep coming back for more.

“That's impressive.”

Devin said: “I would tell this to anybody who has a disability, to just never give up and fight for the things you believe in.

“And if you work for it, you will get it.”