By Nathalie Bonney

WEIGHING an incredible 192kg (423lbs), morbidly obese Arya Permana is in a race to lose the weight - or risk losing his life

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Videographer / director: Jefri Tarigan
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Ian Phillips

10-year-old Arya Permana tips the scales at an incredible 192 kg

Family have put the 10-year-old on a brown rice crash diet to try and prevent him putting on any more weight.

While his neighbours and school friends are outside playing football, Arya is stuck inside at home, barely able to move.

Arya is forced to stay indoors due to his weight while his friends play outside

Arya, from Karawang in the West Java province of Indonesia, weighs 192 kg (423lbs). The morbidly obese ten-year-old struggles to walk long distances and can no longer go to school because he is so overweight.

Morbidly obese Arya has to be home schooled as he struggles to walk to school everyday

Doctors have told Arya’s family that the boy has no underlying medical conditions but he has been put on a strict brown rice and fruit diet in an attempt to try and combat his extreme weight gains.

His mother Rokayah Somantri said: “I wish he can go back to normal because it makes me sad.”

Family members have put the overweight child on a strict diet of brown rice to stop him gaining weight

Arya wasn’t fat as a child. When he was born he weighed a healthy 3.8kg.

Arya started to pack on the pounds when he was nine years of age

Rokoyah said: “He was healthy and normal in the womb. Even when he was 5-years-old he was not so big but when he was nine to ten he started getting bigger.”

Eating five meals a day - two plates at a time – soon meant Arya’s weight ballooned out of control.

His mother, Rokoyah, has to bathe him as he struggles with simple tasks due to his weight

Now the ten-year-old spends his days wrapped in a blanket, because he is too big to fit into clothes. He needs help to stand up and struggles to find a comfortable position to sit or lie in because of his layers of fat.

His enormous size limits the clothes he can wear so he often wraps himself in a blanket

Spending most of his day playing video games, reading comics or playing with his older brother, Arya’s schoolwork has suffered too.

The ten-year-old is unable to travel to his former primary school - instead his teacher comes to tutor him at home visit him instead.

Arya spends most of his days playing video games and reading comics

School friends also have to come to Arya’s home because he can only walk short distances.

Unable to vist friends due to the strain of walking, Arya's pals come to his home instead

Arya said: “I just watch tv and sleep. I study at home and my friends come to my house. Before I could only walk 10 metres, now I can walk about 30-40 metres.”

Doctors have warned his family that he needs an intense diet and to do more exercise to shred the pounds

Doctors at Asih Hospital have told Arya’s family he needs to go on an intense diet and exercise more if he wants any chance of leading a more normal life once again.

Mum Rokayah said: “He wants to go back to school and play with his friends like before.”